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  • Location

    Stockholm, Sweden

  • Nationality


  • Languages

    Swedish, English

  • Meeting Type

    Face-to-face / Virtual

  • ICF Certification

    Professional Certified Coach

No credit card required when booking a free session. For paid sessions, you will not be charged unless the coach confirms the booking. The amount is transferred to the coach entirely only after all sessions are conducted successfully. Your payment details are never stored on our platform.

My Coaching

My coaching speciality

I coach executives and leaders in personal leadership and how to serve as a role model. Having more than 30 years working experience in companies such as H&M and IKEA and as an entrepreneur I have created successful companies in both Sweden and the UK. Based in Stockholm with the world as a workplace, coaching is happening through meetings in person or online. I have a 'no nonsense' coaching style allowing leaders to access their personal power. I am co-creator of a leadership workshop previously running at UN in New York where I was also coaching D1 directors. Certified licensed facilitator of Calm&Connected:Parenting the Child you have© workshop series by Cindy Goldrich


Coaching/Mentor Sample Session - For Individuals, Leadership & Executive Coaching, Career & Job Search Coaching

1 session, 0h 30

Before entering a coaching Agreement I offer a Sample Session

Mentoring -

5 sessions, 1h 30 each

It is individually planned Agreement and could be ongoing or a set number of sessions. Minimum amount of 5 sessions.

Coaching 6 sessions every other week 90 min. - For Individuals, Leadership & Executive Coaching, Career & Job Search Coaching

6 sessions, 1h 30 each

One Set-up session which usually is 1,5hours followed by 90min. sessions every other week

Coaching 12 sessions - For Individuals, Leadership & Executive Coaching, Career & Job Search Coaching

12 sessions, 1h 00 each

One Set-up session which usually is 1,5hours followed by hourly sessions every other week

Meeting points

Virtual sessions:
  • FaceTime
  • Zoom
  • Google Hangouts
  • I use other software
  • Skype
Face-to-face sessions:
  • Meets clients in a public place
  • Meets clients in the exact address
Meeting notes/remarks


About Me

About myself & my experience

I have vast experience from many different industries during the 30+ years of working experience. Both in Private and State Sectors in Sweden and abroad. The reason I coach is simple. I am curious as well as independent so I need to understand what I can improve or challenge in myself to be my best version. I found that coaching gave me tools and a deeper understanding which serves me through my whole life spectrum.

My coaching method & approach

Preparation - To lay the groundwork for the coaching, I will administer a confidential online questionnaire to the Client in advance of the first session. This will give us important insights and valuable data to use in tailoring the coaching to the Client’s needs. Coaching - It could look like this: • Coaching sessions face-to-face or online • Each session will be 60-90 minutes, every 2 or 3 weeks apart • To enable long-lasting change, I offer homework and practice of skills in between sessions • To further implement the learning, I offer recommendations for reading materials and further leadership development. Coaching will be delivered in premises suited for confidential sessions, as agreed by both parties, face-to-face sessions or as sessions online if that is agreed. Further Training - Presentation Skills to further the ability to discuss with and manage senior staff and clients in the business world. There are many different ways to do this training and we will offer what we think will be best in the given situation. Mentoring is a form of dialogue with a senior person who will both give direct feedback and help out through giving personal information and reflection about the given subject, different method from coaching. This will serve as an additional sounding board.

Notes / Remarks


My Qualifications

Professional Certified Coach, PCC
  • Institute / Certifying body: International Coaching Federation, ICF
  • Date acquired: December 31, 2010
Organisation & Relationship Systems Coaching, ORSC
  • Institute / Certifying body: CRR Global
  • Date acquired: September 30, 2009

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