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    Haarlem, Netherlands

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    English, Dutch

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    Face-to-face / Virtual

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    Professional Certified Coach

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My Coaching

My coaching speciality

I'm an ICF Professional Certified Coach & Certified Transformational Master Coach. As an Executive coach I assists leaders & managers in translating their ambition & drive into corporate gain, through effective and collaborative behaviour. With 10 years of experience of which more than 6 with young high potentials and leaders, both within a corporate setting and as an entrepreneur, I specialise in areas in which (high) potential needs to be translated into effective leadership. I believe key aspects such as ‘increased self awareness’ and the ‘transformation of limiting beliefs into supporting ones’, go a long way in growing self confidence and realising productive and sustainable interaction. Leading then becomes a state of being and empowering others a second nature. As an Expatriate coach I focus on expats and trailing partners who feel stuck because they have had to let go and re-focus almost simultaneously. I know from experience that doing so in the right way with the right people leads to a fulfilling time abroad. The positive flip side of letting go is purposefully embracing the open space ahead. I can facilitate you in reinventing yourself from the start or can help you break out of a negative self fulfilling spiral of isolation and a lack of self confidence. As a Vitality coach/trainer I'm involved in facilitating behavioural change by including the whole body in the learning proces: the physical, mental and emotional dimension. That is what makes a real and lasting impact. Coaching style: often characterised as 'engaging', 'empathetic', 'energetic', 'positive' and 'to the point' with a very 'honest' and sometimes 'confrontational' flavour.
 Areas of expertise: Transformative Coaching, Personal & Professional Vision and Purpose, High Potential Development, Leadership Development, Empowerment, Burn- Out Prevention/ Recovery, Voice Dialogue, Conflict Resolution/Mediation, Vitality, Expatriates Current and previous clients amongst others: Shell, Microsoft, KPMG Meijburg, Deloitte, Bouwinvest Real Estate Investment and ABNAMRO Bank, Dutch Ministry of Defence


Free taster - For Individuals, Leadership & Executive Coaching, Career & Job Search Coaching

1 session, 0h 45

The goal of this 'no strings attached' session, is to determine to what extent we have a click. This is the ideal opportunity for you to find out if I could be right the coach for you and vices versa, it gives me insight into whether or not I believe we have the chemistry to dance in the moment together and in that way to enable your learning.

Orientation session - For Individuals, Leadership & Executive Coaching, Career & Job Search Coaching

1 session, 2h 00

If, after the free taster session we decide to move on, the next step is the 'orientation session' which will typically take around 2 to2,5 hrs. This session is all about getting to know more about each other; what you primarily want from this coaching relationship; where you are right now; designing the coaching alliance. Ie: how do you want to be coached & vice versa: what do I expect from myself and you; core ingredients such as values, life balance and limiting beliefs; relationship logistics: clear expectations about packages, fees, invoices, payments, who calls who, scheduling process etc. You will have to prepare some homework for this session .
Important: If after this sessions you decide it may not be for you, then that's no problem at all. I will then only charge for this orientation session.

2-session package - For Individuals, Leadership & Executive Coaching, Career & Job Search Coaching

2 sessions, 1h 00 each

This is for those clients who have been through 9 sessions and want loose sessions.

Mentoring -

3 sessions, 1h 30 each

This is a package intended for:
- coaches who are looking to acquire their ICF ACC or PCC credential.
- coaches who want to improve their coaching skills in line with ICF defined coaching competencies.

Insight package - For Individuals, Leadership & Executive Coaching, Career & Job Search Coaching

3 sessions, 1h 00 each

Increased self awareness. You will learn more about your values, qualities and things that energise you whilst at the same time becoming acutely aware of your self limiting beliefs, negative assumptions & prevalent coping strategy. A great transformational kick start to build on!

Strength package - For Individuals, Leadership & Executive Coaching, Career & Job Search Coaching

6 sessions, 1h 00 each

Putting into practice your new found strength. Building on the foundation you laid in the first sessions and through deepening those insights and making purposeful and powerful choices based on them, you will truly have embarked on a transformational process, feeling strong and in charge when navigating around all the possibilities (and impossibilities) of your life.

Empowerment package - For Individuals, Leadership & Executive Coaching, Career & Job Search Coaching

9 sessions, 1h 00 each

Feeling empowered. That is what this package is all about. Going from very consciously making powerful and purposeful choices to subconsciously making sure you are in charge of your life. You now have the insights and experience to immediately feel if you are living in alignment with your values, are utilising your qualities and are doing the things you want to, in order to live a fulfilling life. This is what true transformation should lead to.

Meeting points

Virtual sessions:
  • FaceTime
  • Skype
Face-to-face sessions:
  • Meets clients in a public place
  • Meets clients in the exact address
Meeting notes/remarks


About Me

About myself & my experience

I am a North Walian by birth, both British and Dutch, and was brought up bilingual. Moreover, I lived overseas as an expat child for twelve years. Literally a ‘flying’ start in life! My overseas expat experience, combined with my parents’ open minded approach to local people and habits, have undoubtedly led to my passion for travelling. All this has shaped my innate curiosity about and involvement with people, leading amongst other things to a master’s degree in Anthropology. And I specifically get a kick out of helping individuals gain more confidence and be truly present. I currently live in picturesque Haarlem, The Netherlands with my wife and our two young daughters. I have a passion for travelling, sports & nature, and prefer to be outside rather than inside. I'm a Certified Transformational Master Coach and I have been awarded the International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach certificate (PCC) I received my initial coach training from the CTI back in 2011 and since then have amassed over 1800 hours of coaching experience. Most of which whilst working for 6 years as a dedicated coach for young high potentials during my 11 years with a corporate. 
Although I loved my job, I felt that true professional fulfilment was having my own company and so I started for myself in 2017/2018. My clients work for all kinds of companies: large corporates like Shell, Microsoft and ABN AMRO bank, but also for (much) smaller companies like Bouwinvest & Outside Inc. Apart from corporate/business clients, I also work a lot with those in between jobs and private clients.

My coaching method & approach

The most important thing for me at the start is to create the right and safe coaching environment with my clients. The foundation is laid in both the taster and orientation session. Confidentiality, safety and client ownership/empowerment are main areas I typically want to focus on. 
 As far as structure is concerned, I will start each coaching session by asking what it is the client has on their mind. What topic needs to be explored? The client decides which direction we move in and I am there to share that space, listen and facilitate heightened awareness, clarity and insight. 
By doing this we are already moving forward. Following this we can explore what succes looks like in this context and only then are we ready to identify specific and measurable action in the direction of the desired results. 
In order for the client to truly move forward in between sessions, I also spend time addressing accountability. 
 Quite often a lack of reflection, awareness and thus real insight, will lead to the definition of, in the end, non-fulfilling goals. Moreover, realising these goals will most likely be driven by a ‘fix it’ attitude. As if something needs repairing. But transformational coaching and sustainable change is not about fixing things. Instead it is about expanding awareness in areas like values and (limiting) beliefs in order to really change perceptions, formulate true desired goals and define specific action towards those goals. When we speak about measuring succes, I can say that in general succes for me is when I see my client moving towards their true desired goals. No matter how slow or fast, it is the direction that counts. It’s the perseverance and hard work that is succes in itself. That is also how I champion my clients. I keep on reminding them how well they are doing and that every step of the way is a succes story. What I am very good at is connecting with my clients. By naturally being 'engaging', ‘present’, ‘empathetic’ , ‘spontaneous’ and ‘safe’ , I almost instantaneously help create that environment for true learning. My uniqueness methodologically speaking is that if possible I coach outside and will use movement as a tool. Both moving and nature have a positive effect on mind&body, and moreover, this context gives you the opportunity to really experience your process rather than just talk about it. In an online environment I like to translate this approach to playfulness in sessions. In general my motto is: let's go as deep as necessary but keep it as light as possible :). Finally, it is also worth mentioning is that I like working with Voice Dialogue as a tool to engage with those numerous critical inner voices.

Notes / Remarks


My Qualifications

Certified Transformational Master Coach (80 ICF Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours)
  • Institute / Certifying body: Coach Masters Academy
  • Date acquired: September 1, 2020
ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Institute / Certifying body: ICF
  • Date acquired: September 9, 2019
Certified Professional Transformative Coach (145 ICF Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours = Full ACTP)
  • Institute / Certifying body: Coach Masters Academy
  • Date acquired: August 1, 2019
Transactional Analysis 101
  • Institute / Certifying body: European Association for Transactional Analysis
  • Date acquired: June 8, 2018
Basistraining Voice Dialogue
  • Institute / Certifying body: NOBCO
  • Date acquired: March 21, 2018
CTI Co- Active Coaching- Intermediate (98.25 ICF accredited coach training hours)
  • Institute / Certifying body: ICF
  • Date acquired: September 25, 2010
CTI Co-Active Coaching- Fundamentals (18.75 ICF accredited coach training hours)
  • Institute / Certifying body: ICF
  • Date acquired: April 18, 2010

Testimonials (2)


Was an extremely informative session, he understood what i was looking for and hoping to acheive, very good.


I'm going to hire Eilian for many sessions. :-) Just wanted to add a good review because so far my experience has been awesome! I feel really blessed for having found him.