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    Finding the Chemistry - Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching, Health Coaching

    1 session, 0h 30

    We get to know each other, I coach you for 10-15 minutes and then I explain you how I work and I answer any questions you might have. After this session, you can reflect and decide if you want to work together.

    Reach Your Unlimited Potential - 12 sessions - Life Coaching, Full Potential, Setting / Reaching Goals, Executive Presence, Authentic Leadership, Leadership Through Coaching, Habit Change, Relationships, Change Management, Burnout / Stress Management, Fear Conquering, Healthy Living, Positive Psychology, Expat Life Coaching, Influence / Motivate, Career Coaching, Getting The Right Job, Getting The Desired Promotion, Career Management, Mindfulness / Meditation, Women Career Coaching, Women Life Coaching

    12 sessions, 1h 00 each

    We explore where you are right now, your values and visions, set your goals and start moving towards the direction you want. The path may not be clear from the beginning, and changes might take place along the way. We'll take one step at the time and we'll ensure you enjoy and learn from the entire journey.

    Mindfulness coaching - 12 sessions - Full Potential, Setting / Reaching Goals, Habit Change, Relationships, Burnout / Stress Management, Fear Conquering, Healthy Living, Positive Psychology, Health Coaching, Mindfulness / Meditation, Women Health Coaching

    12 sessions, 1h 30 each

    We explore where you are and work with perceptions, patterns, emotions, stress reactivity, emotional episodes, habits, getting a better understanding of them and starting to adopt a mindful life style.
    Each session includes some teaching from my side, a formal mindfulness practice (meditation, mindful movement), some other exercises or reflections and coaching. They are all combined organically to get the best benefits for you.
    There are assignments between the sessions (that are very important for moving into the direction you want) and we talk during the next session about what worked well, what challenges you had, which are your reflections etc.

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    Areas of expertise * Personal and professional development * Individual, team and group coaching * Leadership coaching *Stress and work-life balance coaching * Emotional intelligence & balance * Personal and professional transition – changing career, moving into a new life stage, divorce, retirement, expatriation * Transition from childhood to adulthood, motherhood Benefits * Waking up and developing the leader within you * Create stronger, more trusting, creative, performant and compassionate teams * Create and live the life you want * Be more present, focused, calm, resilient, creative, flexible and joyful * Learn to find new ways to approach daily challenges * Start removing the obstacles that are standing in the way of achieving your goals * Become fully aware of the choices you have * Find more motivation, satisfaction and fulfillment in your personal and professional life * Improve relationships with yourself and others * Be kinder and more compassionate towards yourself and others * Learn to celebrate accomplishments

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    Time zone: Amsterdam

    About me

    About me

    Becoming a coach and a mindfulness trainer was bringing to live a big dream – to support YOU and other motivated human beings in your journey of rediscovering your inner beauty, strength and potential, and use it in having a happier and more fulfilled life. This is my vision about contributing together to a better world. As a Certified Co-Active and ICF (International Coach Federation) coach and a qualified mindfulness trainer, I am specialized in working with stress, work-life balance, self-development, self-acceptance, mindful leadership development, combining mindfulness and coaching to get the best outcomes for YOU. I am specialized to work with leaders, expats and students. And you don’t need to be a leader at your workplace, as you are already the leader of your life. With a BA in Public Relations and Communication and a MA in Culture, Communication and Globalization, I worked for more than 10 years in the business sector in companies as Coca-Cola and LEGO Group. I assumed various roles, from sales assistant to being leader of large teams, and in different business areas, from sales to human resources. What I liked most in all those roles was to develop people and support them in discovering their best selves. Having this great passion for supporting people in their development and seeing what coaching and mindfulness brought to me, I realized that the best gift I can give back to society is to become a coach and mindfulness trainer. I followed courses in Positive Psychology and Coaching with Compassion, and deepened my education internationally with Oasis Institute (Center for Mindfulness from University of Massachusetts), Potential Project, Santa Barbara Institute and Coaching Training Institute from USA. Studying, working and living in different parts of the world, being sometimes away from the family and life-long friends, needing to adapt fast to new situations and to face different challenges, which kept on coming and coming, I understood that there is no better place and time to be happy and enjoy life than here and now. I discovered and started to practice yoga and meditation in 2007 when life kicked in and I felt more balance in my life. After many years of self-discovery, inquiries, paying attention and being aware of the connection between mind and body, life events and emotions, I realized that life is an adventure that can be lived fully if approached in a mindful way. While running my first marathon, I realized that the strength is not only in the body but also in the mind. Getting over self-doubt and self-judgement, accepting and trusting myself, made the race much easier and fulfilling. After climbing some high mountain peaks in difficult conditions, I realized how happy I can be just watching the sunrise at almost 6000 m after 7-8 hours of intensive hiking when many times I felt I wanted to give up. That was a great analogy for my daily life! How small things can bring us great joy! Even if sometimes it requires hard work. Even though I’m a lover of all sorts of outdoor activities – from running, hiking, skiing to kayaking and diving – I love my daily meditation and yoga practice. They are part of my daily life. They keep me balanced, calm, focused and happy in the busy and sometimes hectic business life. I live in Aarhus, Denmark, and work locally and internationally, thanks to technology, supporting YOU and other curios and motivated human beings from all over the world to explore your unlimited potential, become your best selves, and live the life you want and deserve.

    Coaching method / approach

    My coaching approach is based on the Co-Active model which works from the conviction that every human being is naturally creative, resourceful and whole, and has integrated mindfulness and emotional intelligence aspects. The focus is on the whole person, as complete human being. Coaching is about investing in people, in the development of their talents, skills and inner resources. While coaching an individual or a team, we tap into many areas that serve to create the desired outcome. Trust, commitment, integrity, honesty, values, connection and responsibility play an important role in the process. With a sense of trust and genuine curiosity, I ask questions that help you to identify your values, strengths, motivations, life purpose, mission and vision. Having these clarified, we evoke transformation in the areas you want. I work with committed individuals, who are ready to be in charge of their own life. I believe time is an important factor for transformation to happen and to become embedded in ones own life, therefore I request a commitment of minimum 12 sessions. I promise you we'll work together not for a quick fix, but for life long transformation. The sessions always start with setting an intention, checking in, and clarifying the topic, for which you, as a client are responsible. Through questions, inquiries, visualizations or other exercises, we'll explore your topic. The sessions end with a sum up and an assignment, reflection or inquiry for the time in between the sessions. I am fully committed to your development and I create a safe space for you to explore, play, experiment, take charge and I trust that you will continue the exploration during the time in between the sessions, when your life is actually happening. We'll have fun while being serious and committed, I'll support you when you ask for and we'll celebrate together the small and big successes.

    Notes / Remarks

    Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. - Mark Twain


    Certified Cultivating Emotional Balance Teacher
    • Institute / Certifying body: Santa Barbara Institute, USA
    • Date acquired: July 23, 2018
    ACC (Associate Certified Coach)
    • Institute / Certifying body: ICF
    • Date acquired: July 3, 2017
    CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach)
    • Institute / Certifying body: The Coaching Training Institute, USA
    • Date acquired: June 27, 2017
    Qualified MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Teacher
    • Institute / Certifying body: Center for Mindfulness, in Medicine, Health Care and Society from UMASS Medical School, USA
    • Date acquired: March 13, 2017

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