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    Amman, Jordan

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    Master Certified Coach

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Coaching speciality details

- Executive and Corporate Coach - Leadership Coach - Business Coach - One on one, group & Organization Relationship & Systems Coaching (ORSC) - Owns an ICF accredited Coach Training program (ACSTH) - Motivating & Inspiring mentor - Principle centered, creative, innovative & analytical thinking. - Management, leadership & leading teams with cultural diversity - Sales solutions & sales consultant - Certified 360 benchmark assessor (CCL) - Hogan and DiSC Certified Assessor - Training and Training Management - Mentor Coach and Coach Assessor - Trained on; 1) Brain based, 2) Co- Active, Teams and Organization Systems Relationship Coaching (ORSC), 3) Creative Center for Leadership (CCL) and 4) Group coaching modules - Competency evaluation & Leadership assessment - Reina Trust Building Certified Practitioner (Team and Leadership Trust Scale Assessments) - Apply MBTI, FIRO-B, Work place Big5, Change Style Indicator, EQ, & Whole Brain Model - Arabic/ English speaking


Introductory/ Chemistry Session - Leadership & Executive Coaching, New Managers Coaching, Talents & High-Potentials Coaching, Personal Development Coaching, Career Management Coaching, For Business, Team Coaching

1 session, 0h 30

The introductory session has the following objectives:
1) To know each others more,
2) To build the fundamentals awareness about coaching and the coaching relationship
3) To explore what you'd like to work on and accomplish and what do you expect from you coach
4) To test the chemistry and the match of working together
5) We might run a tasting session of 20 minutes too!

One coaching session - For Business

1 session, 1h 30

Feel free to request a session of 90 minutes around the topic of your choice

Occasional Coaching Relationship - Leadership & Executive Coaching, New Managers Coaching, Talents & High-Potentials Coaching, Personal Development Coaching, Career Management Coaching, For Business, Team Coaching

3 sessions, 1h 00 each

This package of a coaching relationship aims to support you during certain times that requires a deep dive from yours-side, like before making a major decision, during a teruulent moments where a thinking and accountability partner will help you a lot to have clarity, organize your thoughts and thoroughly dive into your desired ty to gain clarity, insight and develop new strategies to move forwards.

Programmatic coaching Relationship - Leadership & Executive Coaching, New Managers Coaching, Talents & High-Potentials Coaching, Personal Development Coaching, Career Management Coaching, For Business, Team Coaching

6 sessions, 1h 00 each

This coaching relationship is designed as an augmentation to your other learning and development programs (i.e. after attending a training workshop, during the conduction of major assignments at work,...). Such type of a coaching relationship will maximize the return of investment on your other learning activities as it empowers and strengthens your growth potential, as well as enhancing the retention of the new learning from the new experiences

On the other hand, you can also ask for the programmatic coaching relationship when having a very targeted objectives to work on (i.e. during the times or career transitions, managing self through change initiatives, career planning, career advancement planning, .....).

Team Coaching - For Business

4 sessions, 1h 30 each

Working with teams who have common objectives to enhance alignment and their collective unity. A coaching relationship which will augment the WE intelligence to maximize the team performance and strengthen their team health

A Coaching Journey - Leadership & Executive Coaching, New Managers Coaching, Talents & High-Potentials Coaching, Personal Development Coaching, Career Management Coaching, For Business, Team Coaching

12 sessions, 1h 00 each

This long term coaching relationship of 6-9 months is planned to work on developing a world class leadership capabilities.
It starts by developing the self awareness through using scientific based instruments in evaluating the leadership competencies and the behavioral tendencies using research based instruments.
The coaching journey targets developing three core leadership competency and two secondary ones.
It is a journey of self discovery, of enhancing your leadership performance by enhancing your potential and minimizing the interference of self doubts.
It is a highly fulfilling and a highly rewarding journey that is designed for senior leaders, managers, supervisors and high potential individuals who aspire to flourish a seasoned leadership style.
and support the growth of individuals whose performance and potential are critical to the success of your business.

Meeting points

Virtual sessions:
  • Zoom
  • Skype
Face-to-face sessions:
  • Meets clients in a public place
  • Meets clients in the exact address
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About me

About me

World class approach to leadership development and coaching for RESULTS! I Support leaders, Business, Teams & Organizations to maximize their potential. Osama is a senior Executive, Leadership and Team coach. An ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited Master Certified Coach (MCC) with more than ten years of coaching experience and more than 6,500 hours of coaching   Osama is a bilingual Arabic/ English a global associate for world leading leadership development firms empowering senior leaders and leadership teams at Fortune 500 Corporations, World Bank Group, and United Nations. Osama combines his leadership development credentialing, his academic background in psychology and his corporate managerial experience to conduct different learning and development interventions to support senior leaders, directors, managers and high potential employees. He is a very seasoned executive coaches, an ICF ACSTH approved coach trainer, an ICF coach mentor, an ICF coach assessor and one of the most senior ICF recognized coaches in the Arab world and the MENA regions with breadth of coaching experience, and global corporate mindset” Osama got his coaching qualifications from the most reputable international schools and has been trained in a variety of evidence based methodologies. Prior to focusing his practice on professional coaching and training, Osama worked for Fortune 500 for a period of 17 years, and in leading different operations within MENA region. He comes with a unique extensive practical and diverse experience in leading operations, teams and organizations   Osama is the founder and a former President of the International Coach Federation Chapter in Jordan, the Founding President of Amman Agora speakers, the Board Chair of the 3rd and the 4th ICF Middle East Prism Award, EthicalCoach volunteer, the Vice President of ICF Global Dispute Resolution Panel, and a board member of ICF global Arabic language translation taskforce. He is also a very active in volunteering to support Startup Businesses, Entrepreneurial Initiatives, capacity building and social impact projects. Osama academic back ground in Psychology, Business Management and his first university degree was in the Pharmaceutical Technologies.

Coaching method / approach

I am an executive and leadership coach who adopts and augment the use of proven and well established coaching methodologies, which have been acquired and developed through the my enrollment and training in Co-Active coaching, Brain Based Coaching, Systems coaching, Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) way, and Potentials Realized, as well as through my hands on practice of conducting more than 3,500 Clients coaching hours. In leadership and organization coaching purposes; I utilize the power of the Brain based coaching approach of the Neuroleadership Group (Result Coaching System- USA). I also support teams and the strategic leadership teams through the evidence based approach of CRR Global/ USA the Organization Relationship Systems Coaching technique (ORSC). While for facilitating group coaching sessions I am qualified in the approach of Potentials Realized (Jennifer Britton- Canada) is my My overall methodology of Clients deep reflection and learning has the Results Coaching System™ in its core, which is a unique combination of neuroscience-based, process-focused, and outcome-driven, making it ideal for coaching rational, business-focused professionals and leaders. * Neuroscience-based – enabling a deeper understanding of how to coach, thus improving coaching effectiveness * Process-focused – coaches follow a clearly articulated and well- structured methodology with defined steps and stages * Outcome-driven – coaches focus firmly on objectives and outcomes, enabling insights into the way forward The approach draws from contemporary neuroscience, along with research taken from areas such as positive psychology, adult learning theory, as well as systems and change theories. Our definition of coaching is facilitating positive change by improving thinking. We work at the level of improving each individual’s underpinning thinking. This helps people progress from identifying impasses to generating insights, then enabling actions and finally generating positive and sustainable new habits. Five principles of the Results Coaching System: 1. Self-directed learning We believe that clients need to be in the driver’s seat of the learning process. This doesn’t necessarily mean a client always has the answers – there are times when a coach can provide other useful perspectives as triggers for new thinking. The coach’s role is to support good processes in coaching, while the clients’s role is to do the hard thinking. 2. Solutions focus Focusing on problems can cause negative circuits in the brain to be reactivated and strengthened, reducing the ability to see new ways of thinking. Because the brain creates new circuits based on where attention is concentrated, we focus closely on solutions rather than problems. 3. Positive feedback Acknowledgement of progress is the lifeblood of effective coaching. Coaches are skilled in providing this positive reinforcement, and in helping each Client to develop the ability to build confidence through self-acknowledgement. 4. Stretch The Results Coaching System™ helps a Client set and achieve challenging goals. The coach’s role is to stretch the individual to move rapidly and effectively towards the achievement of business or personal goals, finding paths around obstacles along the way. 5. Structure Coaching is easier to navigate if it is built on a clearly defined structure. Sound structure supports the coach and Client throughout the process, so that both know exactly what is expected of them at every step

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A degree in Psychology
  • Institute / Certifying body: London Metropolitan University
  • Date acquired: August 30, 2019

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