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My Coaching

My coaching speciality

The key words for my coaching practice are Leadership & Motivation, two amazing powers, and my approach to any challenge that my partners face is holistic, that means any step forward and no matter the objective, your life system will benefit from your thriving. My intention is to become a strategic partner for entrepreneurs, managers & team leaders and help them achieve desired goals. I am committed to create authentic growing spaces, providing education, guidance, structure, trust when needed and personal leadership development stages support, from personal life strategies to Leadership development to business and executive coaching, for them to achieve remarkable financial results, but also a harmonious and fulfilled lifestyle.


Chemistry & Intake session - For Individuals, For Business

1 session, 0h 45

Let's meet and have an engaging talk about the value that you want to take out of a coaching partnership and also if I could be the professional suitable for your process.

Empowering coaching session - For Individuals, For Business

1 session, 1h 30

Maybe one session is all you need now and what you want is not a program to dive in, but a shift in the moment!
From time to time, we all feel the need to emerge into an empowering coaching conversation that allow us to move 10 steps forward or to take a leep into a challenge.
I am here to assist you in a moment like that!

Habit change strategy - For Individuals

4 sessions, 1h 00 each

Change is a process, it needs to be a process especially when it comes to our familiar ways of doing things, out effortless automatic pilot's routine!

For this process to be successful it needs strategy beside motivation and will, otherwise it will not work :). There are key elements of this stategy that we need to take into consideration and then develop the transition from what we leave behind to what we embrace - that will be our planning together.

Setting goals & design a development plan - For Individuals, New Managers Coaching, Personal Development Coaching, Relationships/Dating Coaching, Health, Fitness & Nutrition Coaching, Coaching for Expatriates, Career & Job Search Coaching, Career Management Coaching

6 sessions, 0h 45 each

Every relevant change that we experience in our personal or professional life gives us a new perspective and new opportunities, but also new unknown paths that we have the tendancy to face with a normal fearful presence. Every new relevant stage in our life offers us the possibility to reevaluate and adjust our way forward.

This program will offer you the opportunity to create and plan the transition from the present moment to the next stage stage of your lifestyle, success and reqognition that you want, gaining the clarity of the congruent actions that you have to take, planning together the necessary milestones, discovering resources & learning needs, authentically building along side your personal why.

Your full potential - becoming & resources - For Individuals, Reaching Full Potential Coaching, Leadership & Executive Coaching, New Managers Coaching, Talents & High-Potentials Coaching

6 sessions, 1h 00 each

I invite you to think about potential from 2 different perspective: the potential of becoming, motivated by the change that you want to bring into the world, and the potential of your internal resources, a content untaped yet that needs a significant goal to come to surface.
Our sessions together will include both, giving you the chance to go deep to go forward :) and planning possible ways for you to reach the mountain view.

Strategic planning your success in business - For Business

6 sessions, 1h 00 each

This stage is not only a tool for growth in itself, through the clarity that it brings, but it needs to become the principle of functioning of the activity. If we look at and understand strategic planning as a dynamic process container, a living synergy between roles, resources, evaluations, goals, learning, initiatives, implementation, monitoring, then the successful development becomes the expected consequence.

Transform your meta-potential into authentic Leadership - For Individuals, Leadership & Executive Coaching, For Business

12 sessions, 1h 00 each

What you will experience is an integrative development process of your leadership skills in the context offered by your own growing objectives - you grow as a leader when growing your business or professional results stepping into the following stages:
*Intrapersonal intelligence - improving your level of awareness and self consciousness about your identity, vision and motivation
*Personal management - improving your level of self-management & ownership when it comes your emotions, will and actions towards personal goals
*Interpersonal intelligence - improving the quality of your relationships/ partnerships & your communication skills
*Complexity management - improving your abilities in solving challenges, turning them into opportunities and innovation, improving your decision making and implementation system
*Leading through empowering - improving your level of influence and level of generating new realities through empowering others

What improvements will you experience, beyond above benefits?
Confidence in yourself and how to cultivate trust and psychological safety in others
Understanding your motivation and it's hidden needs
The ability to calibrate your emotions & clarity on performance strategies
Leadership and impactful presence & the ability to discover, capture and direct potential
Ability to manage conflict and have a positive influence, to empower, delegate and lead effectively

This development process, consider 6 months for this partnership, offers coaching, mentoring, facilitation and could also need specific training areas - I am here for you :)

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About Me

About myself & my experience

My professional goal is to ease your growing process, to give you confidence and structure at every step, to evoke when the tension of growth creates pressure, to catalyze your hot spots with the inevitable challenges, to train you to reach the stages of your success. ********** Bio: • Professional Certified Leadership & Executive Coach • Entrepreneur since 2000 • Manager and Country Leader Points of You® Romania since 2014 • Expert Facilitator Points of You® system • Mentoring for the community of Points of You® Romania certified professionals (+500) • Transformational coach (inside-out change) • Business coach • Team coach for leaders and for the team as a system • Mentor coach • Creator and facilitator for development programs • Co-author • Speaker • EMCC Partner • ICF Romania Partner

My coaching method & approach

I believe that success is not a gift given at birth, but an active process of meaningfully combining skills, knowledge, effort, mentality and goals drawn from your vision of success. Therefore, I see success as a consequence of your willingness to go through this process, because everything can be learned. My benchmark as a definition of the concept of Leadership is the harmonized sum of human skills that you proactively demonstrate in the context of a desired goal. Motivation is an outstanding driving energy, and if you use it accordingly it will serve you to progress from autonomy to succes and reqognition, moving you forward to mastery and reaching full potential in life, in your profession and in your business.

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My Qualifications

Professional Certified Coach/ Certified Executive Coach/ Team Certified Coach/ Mentor Certified Coach
  • Institute / Certifying body: International Coach Federation & European Mentoring & Coaching Council
  • Date acquired: December 26, 2019

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