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    Alexandria, United States

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    United States

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    Associate Certified Coach

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My Coaching

My coaching speciality

I am a Certified Relationship Coach, Certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner, and a Certified Diversity Executive. With these learning experiences and my 11 years of coaching and leading, my specialties are as follows: 1. Empowering people to increased confidence and self-love 2. Harnessing equal and authentic relationships within existing relationships 3. Helping individuals understand their needs and wants 4. Helping individuals and couples understand the root causes and root solutions to their relationship challenges 5. Helping singles find an equal and authentic relationship through self-exploration


4-Hours to Self Love - For Individuals, Relationships/Dating Coaching

4 sessions, 1h 00 each

I am offering four hours of coaching focused on helping women find their confidence as a pathway to finding and sustaining an equal and authentic relationship. As a Certified Relationship Coach and award-winning women empowerment executive, I am uniquely qualified and very passionate about helping women begin to understand and trust themselves as they navigate the difficult path of being single in a world with seemingly lots of dating options. It does not help someone to try online dating or meet people through friends if they are not yet secure in who they are, what they need, and, most importantly, why they deserve to have their needs met.

I will also add on an hour of follow-up coaching to occur no sooner than 45-days after the last session. This is a check-in session to find out where you are on your journey and answer any questions you may have.

Meeting points

Virtual sessions:
  • Zoom
  • Skype
Face-to-face sessions:
  • Meets clients in a public place
  • Meets clients in the exact address
Meeting notes/remarks

I am happy to work with clients via other virtual means that may not be listed above. I am very flexible in this way.

About Me

About myself & my experience

I am a Certified Relationship Coach and I am in this field for one single, solitary reason: To help people find equal and authentic relationships. I have been in this field for 11 years, and having coached more than 500 clients, I can tell you that I am happy to have some very specific philosophies by which I coach. For starters, I will not see a client more than four times and my reason is simple. It is easy for people to get addicted to coaching, to like the idea of being able to share their stories and pains with someone else. I understand and empathize with this. However, it is not something that I will take advantage of. If I can't help someone in four sessions, I should not be accepting their time, energy, and money. I believe this. Second to this, I will not try and salvage a relationship in which physical abuse and cheating have occurred. I believe in the idea that we teach people how to treat us by virtue of what we expect (loyaly, honesty, respect) and what we accept. If we accept abuse and cheating, we're saying it's okay.

My coaching method & approach

My unique methodology begins with the fact that I will only see a client four times. In this, I am very action oriented. My approach is four pronged. 1. I initially focus on empowering the client to trust themselves in their own knowledge of their own strengths, weaknesses, pains, pleasures, and other personal and background information that will need to come to light as our coaching relationship begins. 2. I then begin to explore and understand my clients desired end-state and, more importantly, what has prevented them (to date) from reaching that end-state. In this, I am very strong at asking questions and eliciting trust and response to understand (quickly) the root causes that have held the client back. 3. My next step is to brainstorm, with the client, things that can be done in order to close those gaps that have prevented them from reaching their goals. I do this in a very interactive manner, utilizing my Certified Facilitation strengths and techniques, so that we can rapidly and meaningfully find some potential steps and actions to take. We will then discuss the pro's and con's of those steps before agreeing on some that are most likely to find success with the client and their realities. 4. Lastly, I work with the client on actionable approaches to actualize a way forward that will be realistic and address the root causes that were uncovered in our discussions along the way. Making the connections between root causes and root solutions has really helped clients gain confidence that things will work out for them. Ideas are nice but a lot of them are symptomatic. I am not interested in that. My goal is to remove my clients dependence on me or other coaches -- I want to empower them to love and help themselves in future life and relationship challenges they may encounter.

Notes / Remarks

I am Certified in several areas that give me a well rounded lens of the human condition, how people work and think, and ultimately, how relationships work.

My Qualifications

Associate Certified Coach
  • Institute / Certifying body: International Coaching Federation
  • Date acquired: December 6, 2018
Certified Diversity Executive
  • Institute / Certifying body: Institute for Diversity Certification
  • Date acquired: May 31, 2018
Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner
  • Institute / Certifying body: Otto Kroeger Associates
  • Date acquired: April 14, 2016

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