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If the thought of working with a coach has crossed your mind, it is likely because you've also been mulling over a desire or decision to either move upward or forward in some aspect of your life. Up a wrung on the life or career ladder. Forward towards what you've been dreaming of becoming or believing about yourself. Again, ponder the word 'Launch' if you haven't yet already. When something, anything, launches it can only launch anywhere between upward and forward. Up. Ahead. Onward. This is where we go in Launch Coaching. You: You are energy. You are the product of your choices, even the ones you choose not to make. Regardless of whether or not your recent bout of stagnation or lack of destination has you believing otherwise, you are the captain. The same is true for our potential coaching relationship. This is your journey and I believe that you have everything within you to reach your desired destination. Me: I am a coach. A word with roots to a time before engines and fuel-powered propulsion. Without a captain and some energy, a coach, or carriage, is merely a vessel or container. But when we strike as one, together, we are a modern-day coach and captain: a rocket ship. A fusion that helps to contain and ignite this energy to which you may move towards these goals. But where specifically shall we go? Therein lies the first and most important facet of coaching. Where to go and why it's important to go there. You see, a rocket ship with no coordinates, no clearly defined destination, is but a firework. Like an epiphany-inspired idea, BANG! It sparks and shoots upward. It is bright and pretty at first, but lacking a purposeful direction, it fizzles out and falls harmlessly back to earth. No doubt, you've watched many fireworks, ignited from long-held dream or a new idea, rise above your mind's eye and make your immediate perspective intensify for a few moments, before a limiting belief or a lack of purposeful organization brings this momentum crashing back to earth. Our work is to envision an image where that spark has a fully developed purpose and your beliefs are limitless. A future place which resides within you -and- just beyond the edge of your comfort zone. Sure, outside of your comfort zone an uneasy place. This is why we're going there… together. A coach and captain: A rocket ship. Just as the astronaut must fully trust its rocket before they flip the ignition, it is my duty to forge a relationship that makes this place as comfortable and inviting as possible for you to launch this rocket ship into the unknown. 3…2…1 We lift off with a clearly defined destination and with powerful questions, we create an experience. This is the second facet of coaching: The How. Both the 'How will you get there?' and the 'How will you stay committed to it?' Because you are now moving towards your desired destination and you are soaring higher, you trust your rocket ship to not only continue moving forward but also to help you maintain good contact with mother earth; where the work is truly done. Your coach, acts as both the vessel and command center, with a consistent communique via phone and technology to ensure your coordinates are still accurate, your physical fuel levels are strong and your mental and emotional mainframes are healthy. You feel safe to continue pushing your comfort zone. You feel energized to endure, even when you lose sight of the known. You feel supported, even when you're out there on your own and the challenges come at you faster due to your increased pace. You see, we've already worked to understand the known and yet, unknown challenges. We've plotted multiple outcomes in preparation and we've tested them in session so you know how to maneuver through them outside of it. Finally, and not to be forgotten, we've made sure to celebrate each step so you're reminded of why you've decided to go further than you've ever known. I am ready to take this journey with you… ready to launch? Let's get uncomfortable. Lift-off.


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About me

About me

Paul Sanbar has spent a lifetime in pursuit of nudging others towards their goals and dreams. A Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF), he completed a rigorous coaching certification program with Erickson Coaching International in Vancouver, BC. Over a decade ago, he transitioned away from the business world to attain his Masters of Psychology in Marriage & Family Therapy from Phillips Graduate University in Los Angeles. There he continued to write and worked as an existentially-focused psychotherapist, before finding his sweet spot between marketing and psychology in coaching, specifically Life & Career Launch Coaching of young professionals. Using his business, psychology and life experience as a foundation, his goal is to learn the way in which you perceive the world, to help you visualize a future state of project completion or personal growth, and then through active listening and timely questions, hold up the mirror to your aspirations. In doing so, he believes that actionable steps can be actualized, and sustainable momentum can be attained; allowing for a purposeful existence.

Coaching method / approach

As an Ericksonian Solution-Focused Coach, I adhere to the Five Erickson Principles which guide me and allow me to join you on your unique journey. 1. People are okay as they are. 2. People already have all the resources within them to achieve what they want. 3. People always make the best choice they can at the time. 4. Every behavior has a positive intention. 5. Change is inevitable While they may seem simple individually, together they form a powerful methodology that, in conjunction with proven exercises that involve cutting-edge neuroscience, allow me to work with anyone looking to change their personal narrative and gain clarity. Let's take a walk.

Notes / Remarks

Honored to have the opportunity to join with you.


Professional Certified Coach
  • Institute / Certifying body: International Coach Federation
  • Date acquired: April 1, 2016
Erickson Certified Professional Coach
  • Institute / Certifying body: Erickson Coaching International
  • Date acquired: April 15, 2015
MA-Psychology - Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Institute / Certifying body: Phillips Graduate University
  • Date acquired: May 16, 2006

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