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Coaching speciality details

Helping leaders build teams with emotional and authentic leadership Moving leaders from a particular point to higher points of continuum along their leadership agility competencies in global VUCA organisations Identifying and embracing their unique leadership style and inherent leader-centric characteristics Moving the client from transactional to transformational goals Whole-person development-integrating the realms of doing, relating and being space in their lives Clients in mid-life crisis to meaningful work and flow-centric transitions Helping clients embrace their inner ‘king’dom and ‘queen’dom to relate to themselves deeply and peacefully Using self as an instrument of change


Be yourself-more with skill - For Individuals, Leadership & Executive Coaching, Career & Job Search Coaching

1 session, 1h 00

Life is unpredictable. Sometimes life works out well, other times, no matter how hard we try, we cannot figure out the answers on our own. At these times, we have a greater need to be heard, to be acknowledged and to be accepted for who we are and what we do. If you have a need to connect to your authentic being, identify your unique talents, surpass your potential, work towards the dream that you desire, build the magic in your relationships, and /or achieve professional success in the direction of your goals, let's have a conversation. I look forward to talking to you!

INTRODUCTORY COACHING PROGRAMME: Lead at your best! live at your best! Are you ready to create what you really want in your life or career? - For Individuals, Leadership & Executive Coaching, Career & Job Search Coaching

4 sessions, 1h 30 each

Our six-weeks Coaching Programme introduces you to Coaching. What exactly is Coaching? Why certain individuals are able to live deeply meaningful lives when we constantly struggle to make the smallest headway towards our goals? Do your passions really show up in your life? What is it about your efforts that do not seem to produce the desired results? What is blocking your success to meaningful relationships and career success?
Individuals who are ready to invest in themselves to create a marked difference in their lives. The programme is ideal for those who want to become more self-reliant, establish and take action towards achieving goals, and gain more job and life satisfaction.
The sessions are face-to-face or online. The advantage with online sessions is with little to no travel time, it’s very time efficient. In between the sessions, we offer unlimited email and telephone support.

You will have a total of four sessions of 1.5 hours each across six weeks. The first two sessions introduces you to the coaching process and takes you through a comprehensive goal-setting process. The next two sessions are focused on experiencing coaching on an agenda of your choice. There is a lot that can happen in six weeks. Depending on your passion and the energy to create a change for yourself, clients experience a 360 degree turn in their lives. We encourage you to set strong goals (both in career and life) and empower you to get significant results within the six-weeks timeframe.
Coaching allows you to develop your potential to the fullest extent possible. You no longer miss an opportunity when you see one. A large part of where we are today is to do with the choices we make and the responsibility that comes with it. It enables you to remain flexible in the face of life’s little and big disasters. You move from feeling disoriented and stagnant to becoming all that you can be! You are fully-functional, creative, open to experience, enjoy your space and freedom from your blocking behaviors, and create the work and personal life you choose for yourself.

SIX-MONTH COACHING PROGRAMME - For significant step change, this programme helps you rise to the challenge and achieve lasting results - Leadership & Executive Coaching, Career & Job Search Coaching

12 sessions, 1h 30 each

Our most popular programme, you will meet with your coach every two weeks for two hours – across six months. There are thirteen sessions, beginning with a goal setting and chemistry session. Our aim is to encourage you to set strong goals (both in career and life) and empower you to get significant results within a six-month timeframe.

The programme is ideal for those who are finding it difficult to move ahead in their career or personal life. Together, as partners in the process, we will identify less tangible behaviours – such as self-management, personal impact, blocking behaviors, professional and personal presence, or influencing. We use this programme to address issues and move you up to the next level.

The sessions are face-to-face or online. The advantage with online sessions is with little to no travel time, it’s very time efficient. Most clients find that online coaching allows them to focus very deeply on the issues without visual distraction and those who have experienced both tend to prefer online sessions. In between the sessions, we offer unlimited email and telephone support.
Providing a container of trust, safety, and deep empathy, allowing you to feel you’ve got a place to admit vulnerabilities and explore weaknesses – we identify ways to be more resourceful in addressing them going forward.
With emphasis on Positive Psychology, we encourage leaders to be more mindful about their choices. We connect you to your strengths and values to improve your communication and relationships – which builds and renews energy and resilience.

Throughout the programme, we will challenge you to try out new behaviours and monitor their effects. We will also help you make significant progress towards your stated goals – whether that’s settling into a promotion, taking on a new role, moving towards the desired space in your relationships, building meaningful careers, or dealing with a difficult project or relational engagement.
Your self-awareness will be massively increased – you will come away with a very clear view of your leadership style and how it affects other people. Overall, you can expect your confidence and effectiveness to grow.

SIX-MONTH COACHING INTENSIVE FOR MANAGER AS COACH - Leadership & Executive Coaching, Career & Job Search Coaching

12 sessions, 2h 00 each

Coaching as a Leadership Approach, Mindset, and Process: Participants will emerge inspired to see every moment, every interaction, and every change in their organization as an opportunity to coach.

The coaching will help you:
(a) Develop a foundational mastery of coaching skills at both the intrapersonal (coaching yourself) and interpersonal (coaching others) level
(b) Develop Coaching as a core leadership skill
(c) An increased ability to systemically view one’s professional experience and oneself in relation to that experience.

(a) Appreciating our Stages of Growth: how do we learn?
(b) Conscious management of Coaching, Giving Feedback, Holding Accountable and Mentoring
(c) Understanding what helps and hinders us: beliefs, fears and needs
(d) Transforming seemingly intractable obstacles into opportunities for growth
(e) Integrating personal, interpersonal and tangible aspirations

(a) Developing 5Q qualities of a coach (Deep Listening, Powerful Questioning, Giving Feedback, Empathy and Presence)
(b) Learning the GROW-process: how do we guide coachees through a high-quality coaching process?
(c) Navigating the Flow of Coaching: how do we help maximize the possibilities for insight in a coaching conversation?
(d) Practicing Mindfulness: how can we become more present to ourselves and the coachee?

Senior Leader Coaching - Leadership & Executive Coaching, New Managers Coaching, Talents & High-Potentials Coaching, Personal Development Coaching, Career & Job Search Coaching, Career Management Coaching

12 sessions, 2h 00 each

Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life. I follow the principles of evidence based coaching (EBC), which involves using the best existing theoretical and researched knowledge, in combination with each coach’s skills and the client’s context, to develop and deliver an effective coaching engagement. In partnership with the client, a customized coaching plan is co-created that meets the unique needs and goals for each coaching engagement. The coaching relationship is based on trust and confidentiality, and the process involves contracting, building rapport, assessment, creating awareness, designing actions, planning and goal setting, and managing progress and accountability.

Evidence-based coaching allows us to work with a variety of methods, instruments, and assessments that can provide insights into a client’s personal style, preferences, interests, needs, and skills in relation to leadership, communication, conflict management, values, decision-making, organization, and career. Based on extensive experience, effective tools are selected to achieve success in each coaching engagement. The executive coaching process typically includes at least one personality profile (such as Strengthsfinder, Gallup Leadership competencies, MBTI, or Enneagram) and a 360 assessment which enables focus on transformational goals for leaders.

ANNUAL COACHING PROGRAMME - A supportive and challenging programme to keep you at the top of your game. - Leadership & Executive Coaching, New Managers Coaching, Talents & High-Potentials Coaching, Personal Development Coaching, Career & Job Search Coaching, Career Management Coaching

24 sessions, 1h 30 each

As a senior leader, time goes quickly. You’re judged fast and have to act faster. So it pays to have an objective, neutral resource working alongside you for a year. Effective coaching can act as a catalyst, helping you to achieve what it might take you in three or four years, in one year.

The annual coaching programme is perfect for senior business and HR leaders keen to make a significant shift in their career. It is ideal for those who run a company or department, or are involved in a large change programme or restructure.

The programme kicks off with a goal setting session and some in-depth feedback from one/more significant senior stakeholders. The coaching begins with a high impact leadership strengths session to outline the vision and highlight your signature leadership style and strengths.
You meet your coach every month for two hours. Over the year, there are thirteen sessions, beginning with a goal setting and chemistry session. Between each session, we provide on-going email and telephone support.
Our aim is to challenge you to keep you at the top of your game. During the sessions, we will deal with live issues yet always with an eye on the central goals. At the end of the session, your coach will ask you to summarise what you have learned before setting out what actions you will commit to going forward.
As part of the programme, we can offer a Marshall Goldsmith Global Leadership 360 assessment report and debrief. If you already have a recent 360, we can work on utilising the report. Towards the end of the year, we will give a three-way review with the programme sponsor, for example, the Chairman, CEO, MD or HR director.

You will have a pronounced sense of purpose, renewed optimism, and increased resilience and mindfulness. This will help you stay at the top of your game and enable you to develop positive relationships, retain staff – and improve your bottom line.
Using Positive Psychology, you will come away with an increased focus on your strengths, more creative problem solving techniques and will know the principles of a flourishing leader.

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  • Skype
  • FaceTime
Face-to-face sessions:
  • Meets clients in a public place
  • Meets clients in an exact address
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About me

About me

I am a leadership coach and change agent based out of Bangalore, India where I run a global leadership coaching and consulting practice. Having worked in organisations like Nokia, Sasken and Microsoft for more than a decade, I made the leap to entrepreneur officially in 2013. A Masters in Organisation Development & Leadership and Accredited Coach Trainer in Evidence-based leadership coaching from Fielding Graduate University, I am an Associate Certified Coach from ICF. Recently had the honor of winning the 100 Best Global Coaching Leaders award from World HRD Congress and CHRO Asia in 2017. I coach leaders in and outside organisations to deal with transformational development. With a view that coaching is an attitude with which to live life, I facilitate group coaching for business and HR leaders to help them establish coaching presence in their teams and organizations. I also conduct workshops on neuroscience-based mindfulness and am currently working towards building an ACTP program on Neuroscience coaching for NLP trainers, coaches and leaders.

Coaching method / approach

I employ an evidence-based approach that exists at the intersection of psychological frameworks in alignment to an organisation's or leader's current momentum in life. My unique strength, as a coach, that my clients find highly effective, is tailoring the psychological framework/s to their current stage/state of impactful existence and helping them utilise themselves, their relationships and ecosystem to create their desired future. My clients work remarkably well with self as an agent for building the desired change, addressing their immunity towards change, leveraging their strengths and moving forward with a growth mindset. This creates a transformational momentum in their journey. Since the coaching journey is about behavioural change, understanding blockages and deeply reflective - the structure is 90/120 minutes per fortnight as the interim space between two coaching sessions is of amazing impact to the client. With this approach , the client witnesses success in almost every coaching session. Another success measure is the goals keep changing moving from transactional to transitional to transformational outcomes. The final success measure is when the client builds capabilities and confidence to become independent of the coach.

Notes / Remarks

My coaching presence shows up as an empathetic and compassionate individual with a good deal of emotional maturity. I have gone through mutiple transformations at personal and professional levels in my life. Hence I have embraced the strength to work with deep behaviors and deeper emotional agendas with clients. Personally, I have moved through the four remarkable stages of identity formation - from identity creation, identity success, identity deconstruction to identity acceptance and meaningful identity. I work with a balanced style of relevation and reassurance- reassurance to comfort and handhold the clients in their journey of potential and future success; and relevation to move with intuitive wisdom to nurture deeper discovery of themselves.


Global leadership 360 development practitioner
  • Institute / Certifying body: Marshall Goldsmith
  • Date acquired: September 30, 2018
Masters in Organisation Development and Leadership
  • Institute / Certifying body: Fielding Graduate University
  • Date acquired: July 31, 2018
ACTP in Evidence-based Organisation leadership coaching
  • Institute / Certifying body: Fielding Graduate university
  • Date acquired: July 31, 2017
Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner
  • Institute / Certifying body: ANLP
  • Date acquired: February 10, 2015
Strengthsfinder Practitioner
  • Institute / Certifying body: Gallup
  • Date acquired: April 30, 2013
Advanced Lab in Human Process
  • Institute / Certifying body: ISABS
  • Date acquired: July 31, 2012
Basic Lab in Human Process
  • Institute / Certifying body: ISABS
  • Date acquired: June 30, 2010

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