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    Rhenen, Netherlands

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    South Africa

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    English, Afrikaans

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Coaching speciality details

My coaching passion lies in the area of healthy living & empowering others with practical tools & knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle. Through my own journey I have really come to find that effortless healthy lifestyle is obtained by focusing on changing thought patterns/believes, finding a weight/size which is easily maintained (according to your built in mechanism and not the pictures media presents) and being equipped with practical tools & knowledge to sustain this in everyday life. For sports coaching, we use somatic experience to discharge previous trauma & failures. This method has consistently shown improvement in performance of athletes.


Intake Session - Habit Change Coaching, Health, Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

1 session, 0h 30

Coaching is very personal and it's essential that both client and coach feel comfortable. An intake session will determine weather I am the right coach for you.

Individual Session - Habit Change Coaching, Health, Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

1 session, 1h 00

Pay as you go sessions. If you have a certain goal you want to reach and you have maybe only a small obstacle you cannot seem to overcome. Book one or 2 coaching sessions, this might just be the push you need to go further.

Interrupting the habit loop - Habit Change Coaching, Health, Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

4 sessions, 1h 00 each

Do you feel like you make good health choices but want to change a specific habit?

Powered by the fascinating science behind how a habit is formed and the only successful way to break it, this package gives you the knowledge, power and support required to break a habit. Motivation is key and with the right tools, breaking a habit is possible.

Tailor made fitness -

5 sessions, 1h 00 each

This package is designed for people who are having trouble to motivate themselves to exercise. We go into the reasons for lack of motivation, kick those in the butt, then we move on to brain storming and creating an exercise program suited to your lifestyle, body type and goal. Once you have something you created, it's time for execution and tailoring where required. You will be guided and empowered through all these steps.

Healthy weight? Just add loooovvveee - Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga Coaching

12 sessions, 1h 00 each

This package is especially for people who want to lose weight and feel frustrated by the process. Or who have tried losing weight before, only to gain it back again.

During this 12 week coaching, we spend time on finding your REAL healthy weight. We look at the science behind weight loss/gain and you will learn just how important it is to love & accept yourself just as you are in order to lose weight. This is also extremely freeing.

After gaining the knowledge which is applicable to you, we experiment with different tools to help you execute the necessary steps to a lifestyle filled with health and taking care of yourself.

Meeting points

Virtual sessions:
  • Zoom
  • Google Hangouts
  • Skype
Face-to-face sessions:
  • Meets clients in a public place
  • Meets clients in an exact address
Meeting notes/remarks

I am able to travel anywhere in the Netherlands for a first meeting at least. I regular face to face meetings are required, a convenient meeting place can always be agreed on.

About me

About me

My husband & I created our way to the Netherlands, where we currently live as South-African expats. The combination of being a certified life coach, somatic experience therapist and achieving a B.Sc in sport science as well as my value for personal growth, leading a healthy lifestyle and living in the moment led me to create Vision Forest, through which I wish to share my own unique approach to overcoming obstacles and empowering others. I specialise in weight loss and healthy living to obtain quality of life. My approach is one of body, mind, heart and spirit, moving away from the conventional approach of focusing on exercise and diet only. With my coaching you will learn that everything starts with self love and having a purpose. During my own journey to a healthy lifestyle, including losing weight, changing habits, dealing with unhealthy thought patterns and overcoming an eating disorder, I have gained knowledge and tools, which I wish to share, for having a healthy body, mind, heart and spirit.

Coaching method / approach

The flow for lifestyle coaching is: 1) Learn to love yourself (seriously). Although this might sound cliché, there is a lot of evidence that shows self love and self compassion is just as, if not more important than the other aspects of healthy lifestyle. I help clients to start a sustainable weight-loss or healthy lifestyle journey by teaching self love & compassion which is the foundation for long term success. 2) Gain knowledge about what is healthy for YOU as individual. In today's media we are bombarded with messages about the perfect weigh or body size/look. But did you know each and every person has a built in mechanism which determines the perfect weight/size for them? I teach clients to find this weight, look or size and to work with their bodies in harmony, instead of fighting against it. 3) Learn practical tools to execute in ever day life. As mentioned in point 1, it starts with self love, but of course what goes into your mouth and how it affects your body plays a role. Not to forget how much and how you move your body. On the coaching journey, we will work together on finding the right diet and exercise balance suited to you as individual and in additional gain tools, tips & tricks on how to navigate your way through making healthy choices. 4) Experience your life through mindfulness. Throughout this coaching method, mindfulness becomes a key part to successful healthy lifestyle living. It's amazing what happens if we are present in our own lives, with our own mind and in our own bodies.

Notes / Remarks

Using ecometric scales is a very unique feature to my coaching. Ecometric scales has to do with the quantification of the degree of balance between living organisms and their environment. It focuses on the manner in which people adapt to their environment.


MLNP Life Coach
  • Institute / Certifying body: International Coaches Register
  • Date acquired: June 1, 2017
MLNP Therapist
  • Institute / Certifying body: Perspective Training College
  • Date acquired: May 31, 2016
B.Sc Sport Science
  • Institute / Certifying body: University of Johannesburg
  • Date acquired: December 31, 2006

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