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ICF Certification
  • Professional Certified Coach
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  • Provides Invoice
  • Meeting Type
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    Free Intake - Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching

    1 session, 1h 00

    In a brief conversation we will be able to assess together the desired goal, as well as our chemistry as co-creators of this evolution process.
    Once we have this meeting, you can better choose the package that suits your goal the best.

    In|Sight Single Sessions - Extras - Leadership Coaching, Executive Presence, Authentic Leadership, Leadership Through Coaching, Influence / Motivate, Managing Up, Career Coaching, Women in Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Leadership Communication

    1 session, 1h 20

    Special sessions for people who have already completed their process and want an extra boost, need an extra moment of reflection and insight, or want coaching on a very specific goal related to their initial process.

    - Pre and post messaging and emailing

    In|Sight Single Sessions - Assessment Feedback - Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching

    1 session, 1h 30

    For those who just want to get to know their Top 5 Talents (your most natural way of thinking, feeling and behaving). We will explore your result of the Clifton Strengths Assessment, focusing on how you these talents show up in your life, how you can take advantage of them and where to be careful with them.

    - Clifton Strengths Assessment (online)
    - Assessment Feedback

    In|Sight Immunity to Change® Process - Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching, Health Coaching

    5 sessions, 1h 00 each

    This option was developed for those who have tried continuously to achieve a specific goal (skill development or behaviour change) with no or very little success. We will use a tool developed specifically for this process, mapping out the unconscious obstacles preventing this change from happening. This process was created and developed by two Harvard professors, Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, with over 30 years of experience in corporate behaviour. I had the privilege of studying in person with them, and have been applying this process with great success ever since.
    The duration and frequency of the sessions can be adapted to the clients needs after the map is completed.
    There is an option of extending the package to 8 sessions to further solidify the growth that emerges in the process.

    - Immunity to Change® Map
    - Strategies to overcome limiting beliefs (immunities)
    - Journal to implement the strategies in real life
    - Unlimited texting and emailing during process

    PS.: It is ideal to have 2 to 3 hours to complete the Map in one sitting, so we can adjust the use of session hours as needed.

    In|Sight Focused Career Evolution - Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching

    5 sessions, 1h 00 each

    Package of 5 sessions, where we will assess your Top 5 Talents (your most natural way of thinking, feeling and behaving), briefly explore your use of them so far, and develop strategies to better direct them towards your goal.
    Especially created for people who have a clear goal, but need to improve a few competences and strategies in order to achieve it. Also for people who would like to try out a few sessions without committing to the full 8 sessions.

    - Gallup Clifton Strengths® assessment (online)
    - Assessment feedback
    - Unlimited texting and emailing during course of process
    - Brief calls when necessary

    In|Sight Complete Career Evolution - Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching

    10 sessions, 1h 00 each

    Package of 10 sessions, where we will deeply explore your Top 5 Talents (your most natural way of thinking, feeling and behaving), how you have been using them so far, and how they can better serve you to achieve your career goals. Depending on need, we will also discover and explore beliefs that may hold you back, and develop new understandings in order to overcome these challenges.
    This package was especially created for people who seek a deeper understanding of themselves, to better direct their natural talents and skills into more fulfilling positions and choices.
    Ideal, but not limited to, people contemplating a career change, a long term career planning (like those in early stages of their career or starting a second career), and better work/life balance.

    - Gallup Clifton Strengths® assessment (online)
    - Assessment feedback
    - Immunity to Change® individual process, if deemed useful
    - Unlimited texting and emailing during course of process
    - Brief calls when necessary

    Meeting points

    Virtual sessions:
    • FaceTime
    • I use other software
    • Skype
    Face-to-face sessions:
    • Meets clients in a public place
    • Meets clients in an exact address
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    Coaching speciality details

    The Humphrey Group - executive coach, instructor and consultant for leadership communication Professional Certified Coach (PCC) - ICF Erickson Professional Certified Coach - Canada Gallup Strengths Certified Coach - Gallup Institute Business Administration - University of Miami Specialist in Family Systems Therapy Immunity to Change® Facilitator - Harvard (MAW) Fourth generation of a family enterprise (previously manufacturing, now agrobusiness)

    About me

    About me

    After studying and living for about 10 years in the US, I returned to Brazil to work in my family's business, which had been my plan ever since I can remember. A few years into it I realized I wasn't completely fulfilled, and started looking for a career path where I could truly feel like I made a difference, using what I had best. I took the plunge into the human development area in 2010, specialising in family systems therapy, and haven't stopped since. Today I work as a coach, as a group facilitator for Strengths development and Immunity to Change, and as a consultant for The Humphrey Group. I'm very passionate about career planning and leadership development, especially in family businesses.

    Coaching method / approach

    The method used is co-creative and emergent, as we will create together the path to navigate based on information and insights that naturally emerge during the process. We will start the coaching process defining the goal to be achieved and how you will know it was achieved, followed by the Gallup Strengths assessment (in most cases). Frequently the goal is defined during the intake session, but can be revisited and revised during the process (as all human things, it can change). Usually the first session of the package is the assessment feedback, where we analyse how these top talents play in your life and work, how they have helped you succeed in past situations as well as frequent traps they can pose when left "in the basement". You will define a few actions to take until the next session. From the second session on we will follow a similar format that involves relating the experience with the previous actions and other developments relevant to the goal, define your micro goal for the session, deepen reflection (through techniques, tools and exercises), explore options available to address the insights that come up, define a plan and choose a few actions to put in motion until the next session. Every time the cycle repeats it will bring you closer to achieving your goal. I will constantly check if you are getting what you need from the process, and be available between sessions to discuss something, provide material that you might need, and celebrate new wins with you! The frequency of the sessions is usually at every 2 weeks, varying according to the goal and actions that are set. It is important that you are always clear and upfront if something isn't working or if I say or do something you don't like, so I have the opportunity to deliver a better process to you.

    Notes / Remarks

    I am also listed in: - the ICF website: https://coachfederation.org/credentialed-coach-finder - Gallup website: https://www.gallupstrengthscenter.com/coach/en-us/directory


    Professional Certified Coach
    • Institute / Certifying body: International Coach Federation
    • Date acquired: April 1, 2017
    Certified Strengths Coach
    • Institute / Certifying body: Gallup, Inc
    • Date acquired: April 1, 2016
    Certified Professional Coach
    • Institute / Certifying body: Erickson College
    • Date acquired: April 1, 2015

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