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No credit card required when booking a free session. For paid sessions, you will not be charged unless the coach confirms the booking. The amount is transferred to the coach entirely only after all sessions are conducted successfully. Your payment details are never stored on our platform.


ICF Certification
  • Associate Certified Coach
  • Invoicing
  • Provides Invoice
  • Meeting Type
    • Face-to-face
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    Trial coaching - Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching, Mentoring

    1 session, 0h 30

    Let's meet and discuss your coaching needs. Session to clarify your situation, if coaching is something for you and decide on the way forward.

    Leadership Coaching - single session - Leadership Coaching

    1 session, 0h 50

    Every week I'm helping leaders and skilled professionals from around the world with challenging issues like motivation, leading teams, difficult conversations, time management, improving appearance and effective communication.
    If you would like to improve your leadership I recommend you try this out.
    Together we make sure you develop your leadership capabilities!

    World class athlete - Health Coaching, Sports Coaching

    15 sessions, 1h 30 each

    For athletes in individual or team sports who are conscious about achieving better results but do not know or are unsure how to get there.
    I work with National and World Champions and understand what it takes to make a champion.

    Executive Coaching program - Leadership Coaching

    15 sessions, 0h 50 each

    For executives in various setting; new job, change in work situation/demands, challenging personnel situations, disputes, new strategy, need for innovation etc.
    Some possible themes to pick from (not extensive): Setting goals, me as a leader, leadership style, personality types, learning styles, my impact on others, how to motivate, creating a sound work environment, how to succeed in meetings.
    I will help you find the next steps towards a prospering future.
    Together we make sure you develop your leadership capabilities!

    With this program you sequre guaranteed sessions and a continous learning over time that will ensure you thrive as a leader!

    First session lasts 1,5 hrs.

    Meeting points

    Virtual sessions:
    • Skype
    Face-to-face sessions:
    • Meets clients in a public place
    • Meets clients in an exact address
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    Coaching speciality details

    Those who will benefit from my coaching will typically be: - Leaders who experience difficult situations in their work or who would like to explore and expand their leadership capabilities - IT specialists or project managers who find themselves in situations where it would be useful to have someone who have experience in their field to dialogue with in order to take their work to the next level. - Sales representatives and sales managers - People who are in doubt as to where they would like to go next in ther life. - Athletes in individual or team sports who are concious about achieving better results but do not know or are unsure how to get there.

    About me

    About me

    With a background from IT and sports, Jan has spent the last 15 years as a consultant for organizational change. He started coahing back in 1999 and quickly began exploring the skills obtained through work in the world of top athletes including several World Champions. He still coaches some great sportspeople but is heavily involved with both private and public organizations striving to help leaders excel in their role and supporting their subordinates. Jan finds this very inspiring and uses various coaching techniques to cater for different situations and the diversity of personalities he encounters.

    Coaching method / approach

    According to ICF standards (Code of Ethics). GROW and various techniques from a range of institutions and practices like IMO Institute, Nancy Kline are used. Dialogue and questions are key in uncovering the topics to be addressed and processed. The client/coachee is the owner of the topic(s) whilst I will take care of the process in each session.

    Notes / Remarks

    "Jan has been helping me to make progress with all areas of my life. He is particularly skillful at asking powerful questions and enabling me to approach difficult issues from different angles. His style of coaching will help anyone to identify the barriers that are holding them back and find the right solutions to get them moving forward"


    Associate Certified Coach
    • Institute / Certifying body: International Coach Federation
    • Date acquired: August 21, 2015

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