Frequently Asked Questions For Coaches

How can I join Koach?

First, we suggest that you read the Minimum Requirements, which will give you specific information that you need to know before joining. Once you are ready to join, select the “Join” option on the “For Coaches” page. Create an account and submit. This will direct you to the “Coach Profile Builder”, which is a tool we specifically designed to help you build a strong attractive profile. The “Coach Profile Builder” is easy to use and includes instructions that will help you in every step. Once you complete your profile, our team will be notified and we will contact you shortly afterwards to guide you through the next steps, which are about verifying your credentials against the Minimum Requirements and reviewing your profile to provide you with improvement recommendations, if any. Once these steps are completed successfully, we will activate and publish your profile so it becomes publicly visible on You can edit your profile at anytime by accessing the platform with the account details you created. Please contact us at any point during the joining process if you need help or support.


What are the minimum requirements to join?

Please see the Minimum Requirements page.


Can I edit my profile after it is published?

Yes, you can edit your profile anytime by logging in to you account and Dashboard from the top of any screen.


How do cancellations work?

We provide clients and coaches with the ability to cancel or stop at any time because we strongly believe that the coaching relationship cannot progress if one of the parties doesn’t wish to continue.

Clients can cancel a booking request easily before the coach accept or decline the booking request. The booking request will be simply canceled and the coach will be informed.

If a client wishes to cancel after the coach accepted the booking request, cancellation will be allowed only for the coaching sessions that didn’t take place yet with 2 days notice. This means that already conducted coaching sessions and sessions within 48 hours from the time the client cancels will not be affected and will not be canceled.

A coach can also cancel anytime by sending an email to [email protected] explaining the reason for cancellation. The cancellation will be then executed by one of our team members shortly afterwards. We ask all coaches also to provide a minimum of 2 days notice.


How do refunds work?

We designed the payment system to minimize the need for a coach to make a refund. Since clients are only charged if a coach accepts a booking request, cancellation before the coach acceptance results cancellation of the transaction on the client’s credit card and no charging will take place.

If a client cancels after the coach accepts, only remaining sessions that didn’t take place yet (with 2 days notice) will be refunded to the client. Since the coach is not paid yet for these sessions, no refund is required from the coach.

The same applies if a coach cancels.


How are the $$$ icons used on a coach profile?

These icons provide price indication to potential clients who are reviewing a coach profile. This is automatically calculated based on the average hour rate of the coach, which is extracted from the packages the coach creates. They are used as follows:

$ = €1 to €99 per hour

$$ = €100 to €199 per hour

$$$ = €200 or higher per hour


What do I do if I want to take a break from coaching for a while?

You can simply change the status of your profile to (invisible) from your Dashboard. Your profile will not be appearing on to clients but you will still be able to access your account. You also must honor any active bookings you have or initiate cancellation(s). When you are ready to come back, just simply change your profile status to (Visible).


What do I do if I’m going on a trip or holiday and don’t want to receive booking requests when I’m away?

You should make your profile (invisible) if you wish not receive booking requests. However, you can also set the period that you wish not to receive booking requests during as (unavailable) from your availability calendar preferences under “My Coaching”. This will prevent clients from requesting bookings during the same period.


What do I do if I want to cancel or delete my profile?

If you wish to do so, please send us an email using [email protected] or contact us using any of our social media pages. One of our team members will contact you shortly afterwards and guide you through the next steps to cancel your account. You must either honor or cancel any active bookings. Once your profile is deleted, you will not be able to access your account any more. If you wish to create an account again, you must create it as a new account with different email address than your previously used one.

How do I get my fees?

When a client purchases a coaching package of, for example, 10 sessions from you, the paid amount is transferred to you by session within 48 hours after each session is conducted. This allows us to manage cancellations for clients and coaches and avoid asking coaches for refunds. Koach fees will be deducted from the amount in the same transaction and you will receive an invoice in your Dashboard.

How does Koach gets its fees?

We get our fees when we process a payout to your bank account. When a client purchases a coaching package from you, you will get an email notification with the amount that will be transferred to your account after deducting Koach fees. You will also get an invoice of Koach fees in your My Dashboard > My Payments. For example, if you are on Tier Three at 10% fees and you set a package price at €100, it will be published at €100 and when a client makes a purchase, he/she will pay €100. In the email notification you will receive, it will state that €90 is your earning from this package. You will also get an invoice for the €10 deducted as fees. Then €90 will be transferred to your bank account, as Koach pays for the transaction and bank transfer costs. The remaining from the €10, after the transaction and bank transfer costs, is then transferred to Koach’s account.

What is the currency used in Koach?

All transactions (payments, escrowing and transfers) of the platform are made in Euro. The display of prices in currencies other than the Euro is only for information purposes. The exchange rate used is provided by the European Central Bank. Rates are updated every business day at 17:00 GMT + 1. So the value of other currencies change as the rate of the Euro changes worldwide, which is why we ask for coaches to set their fees in Euros. You can always change your Euro fees if the exchange rate to US Dollar becomes unfavorable to you.

Why am I required to be a registered company to be able to join Koach?

As you are providing a professional service on regular basis, we (Koach and the payment system MangoPay) are not allowed to facilitate the service and disburse money to coaches except as official business revenue. This is also why we ask for a proof of identification and proof of registration as a company as part of the joining process. Please see the Minimum Requirements for more details.

This also assures clients that you are a professional coach who is committed to the profession. In addition, many corporate clients also only work with professional coaches who can provide a correct invoice for the coaching service received.


Can I decline a client?

Yes. When a client makes a booking request, you will be notified to accept or decline the request. If you choose to decline, you will be asked to provide the client with a reason before the decline is processed. Please only decline clients for ethical reasons that are also consistent with our Terms & Conditions.

If you are declining a request due to a conflict in your agenda, please note that you can instead make a request to reschedule the specific sessions that contradict with your agenda. Then you can accept the booking request once you agree with the client on the dates and times of all requested sessions.

If you neither accept or decline a booking request, it will expire after 48 hours and the transaction will be cancelled.


Can I reschedule sessions before & after accepting a booking request?

Yes. You can always send a rescheduling request for individual sessions from your Dashboard. You will find all your sessions under “My Sessions”. Select the future session(s) that you wish to reschedule and you will find the rescheduling option easily (the option is only available in future sessions). A window will open, if you select the reschedule option, which you can use to select the alternative date and time you wish to propose. Once you submit, the client will be notified and asked to accept or decline or propose a different date and time. If the client responded by proposing a different date and time, you will be notified and request also to accept or decline or propose a different date and time. The original date and time remain confirmed until you and the client confirm a new date and time.


I’m not sure about how to use some of the features of the platform. What should I do?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us using via the Contact Us option or via any of our social media pages. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and will be happy also to plan a call on Skype or Zoom, if it will help address your inquiry.