• Führungskräfte-Coaching
  • Talente & volles Potenzial ausschöpfen
  • Neue/r Manager/in
  • Persönlichkeitsentwicklung
  • Lebensberatung/Lebensziele setzen und erreichen
  • Stress und Burn-Out
  • Volles Potenzial erreichen
  • Beziehungen und Partnersuche
  • Gewohnheiten ändern
  • Karriere und Arbeitssuche
  • Karriere-Management
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    Sandton, Südafrika

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    Englisch, Russisch

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    Professional Certified Coach

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Details der Coaching-Fachgebiete



Complimentary Strategy Session - Lebensberatung/Lebensziele setzen und erreichen, Volles Potenzial erreichen

1 session, 0h 45

Wondering if coaching is really what you need? The best way to find out for yourself is to have an introductory session with me.

Full potential - Für Einzelpersonen

6 sessions, 1h 00 each

You may have reached a point in your life where you ask yourself: “I have achieved already so much. What’s next?”

You may be longing for more fulfilment and wonder if this is all that life has to offer.

You may be considering some changes in your life, career or business. I can guarantee that working with a coach can make a huge difference.

You may be feeling stuck in your life and need more clarity, direction and inspiration!

Business coaching - Für Einzelpersonen, Führungskräfte-Coaching

6 sessions, 1h 00 each

Being an entrepreneur is a challenging and often a lonely journey. Having a coach helps navigate this amazing journey of learning, growing, failing, recovering and moving on.

- Play a bigger game
- Get unstuck and get going on the stuff that matters
- Create clarity on your business direction
- Balance focus and creativity to make your impact
- Define your value proposition
- Navigate difficult relationships and conflict
- Identify your bottlenecks in growing your business
- Find alignment with your life purpose and more meaning in life and work

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching - Führungskräfte-Coaching

6 sessions, 1h 00 each

Coaching work is based on the premise that the great leaders know themselves and lead from a place of self-awareness, transparency, curiosity, and vision. Here are some objectives that often come up in coaching.

Leading yourself
- Expanding your leadership repertoire for more impact
- Cultivating authentic leadership / What kind of leader am I?
- Navigating difficult relationships
- Managing time, competing priorities and/or ambivalence
- Getting unstuck or finding your edge
- Identifying career blind spots: what others aren’t telling you
- Addressing self-limiting beliefs and career-limiting behaviours

Leading the team
- Understanding and navigating interpersonal and team dynamics
- Building a high-performance team culture
- Fostering collaboration, collective intelligence, and creativity
- Clarifying and negotiating team roles and responsibilities
- Creating a vision and inspiring a team to act
- Giving and receiving feedback
- Managing conflict / difficult conversation
- Delegating effectively
- Coaching your staff

Enneagram coaching - Für Einzelpersonen, Führungskräfte-Coaching

6 sessions, 1h 00 each

If you are looking for a personal growth path, Enneagram approach can give you an understanding of the subconscious motivations, beliefs, defences and fixed behaviour patterns that lead us to get stuck or frustrated.

Enneagram highlights powerful insights about your personality type, shining an illuminating light on both your potential and your challenges.

- Create self-awareness at the levels of beliefs, concerns and motivation
- Increase consciousness and self-confidence, unlocking your power
- Connect and integrate your head (thinking), heart (feelings) and gut (action, instincts)
- Identify and shift patterns of thought and behaviour that keep you stuck in life
- Understand functional and dysfunctional behaviours and where they come from
- Increase compassion and understanding for yourself and for others
- Discover your strengths and unlock your unique, authentic power
- Uncover fresh pathways to growth, development and happiness
- Build leadership authenticity, presence and impact

6 months coaching - Lebensberatung/Lebensziele setzen und erreichen, Führungskräfte-Coaching

12 sessions, 1h 00 each

- Pre-work and assessments
- 90 min discovery session to kick off
- 11 x 60 min coaching sessions


Virtuelle Sessions:
  • Zoom
  • Skype


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