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Details der Coaching-Fachgebiete

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What is my self-worth? - Für Einzelpersonen, Lebensberatung/Lebensziele setzen und erreichen, Stress und Burn-Out

1 session, 1h 00

We will get to know each other while discussing your current situation and what you can do to improve it. We will talk about the life, worth living, and options you have to start it experiencing. I will answer your questions about the coaching style and programs I am offering. And if it would sound attractive - we continue our conversation, if not - I will recommend you another coach.

Simplify my life - Für Einzelpersonen

1 session, 1h 00

The coaching session focuses on bringing order to your life. Finding and solving just one problem can dramatically change the experience of life. Which problem? Let's find it out!

De-Stress coaching and training program - Für Einzelpersonen, Lebensberatung/Lebensziele setzen und erreichen, Stress und Burn-Out

6 sessions, 1h 00 each

In this program, you discover what you need to change, learn, and let go to reduce stress in your life and use freed energy to do what you like to do. You will train new and activate old skills for stress resilience and stress reduction. The ultimate goal is to make these skills as strong as the habits.

The program aims to create your personalized approach to deal with stress. With this approach, your resilience will be higher, the recovery time will be shorter, the period without stress will be longer. There will be more energy for everything significant in your life.
But firstly, check yourself to what degree you are ready for such a life. Now take a deep inhale and slow exhale and bring yourself into the future, where you are living life with less stress and more energy. What is different?
The program combines coaching and training. Coaching helps to find your specific way to reach the goals of stress reduction. Training enables you to learn and practice techniques that work best for you to smoothing and remove the stress that impedes goal achievement.
Before the start, we will have a discovery meeting.
Discovery meeting
The program starts with a discovery session, "Stepping into Inner Peace and Tranquility."
During this conversation with a coach, you will look in a fresh and structured way at your current situation. You will get clarity about your stressors and the skills you have to cope with stress. You will discuss the possible ways to reduce stress and increase resilience. Together with a coach, you will uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your effort to be in control of your life. After the session, you will have time to reflect on your discoveries, the coaching method, and the coach's personality. You may decide to implement the new understanding by yourself, work with the coach on specific issues, or take part in 2 months De-stress program. The discovery session will create an inner space for growth and self-development. The duration of the discovery session is between 30 and 60 min.
Coaching program flow
During the first session, we will map your stress and stressors and do some relaxation exercises. We will discuss how to use the mini-habit approach to integrate your learning into life and set up the accountability system.
During the following 4 sessions, we will continue to work on reducing stress, learning relaxation and stress reduction techniques.
During the last session, we summarize the leaching, check the progress, and create a plan to keep your stress in check.
Format: Online, one hour of coaching per week for 6 weeks within 2 months.
Price: The spring* price is 290 euro. The summer price is 470 euro.
*you can purchase the program for this price until 1st June 2021 and start at any time until 1st September 2021.

Mind and Soul Detox coaching program - Für Einzelpersonen

6 sessions, 1h 00 each

Would you like to free yourself from toxic feelings and thoughts that drag you down, hold you back or cause you to suffer?
Mind and soul detox program is designed to help you to let go of feelings that itch you or hurt you:
• frustrations,
• disappointment,
• anxiety,
• helplessness,
• unfulfillment,
• the feeling of being stuck,
• lack of self-confidence.
While you are letting go of what you don't need in your life, you will discover your inner powers and acquire new ways to get what you really want through a tailor-made detox coaching program. Perhaps:
• A fresh start?
• More energy or happiness?
• Clearer focus and more powerful commitment?
• New perspective?
• Self-awareness and self-confidence?
• Peace of mind or well-being?
Your coach will help you to plan your detoxication program to address your specific challenges and needs. They could be:
• Dealing with uncertainty in life or career
• Feelings of an identity crisis
• Career change or finding a new job
• Adaptation to the new environment
• Stress coming from different relationships
• Managing all the burdens of your different responsibilities
• Finding new passion or energy in life
If this is what you want, join the mind and soul detox coaching program, select Alexa, Ana, or both, who will support you during this transformation. Look at their coaching profiles and decide with whom you want to have a discovery meeting.
The discovery meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to talk with the coach about: Goals you want to achieve and what your ideal situation after the program would be, what you want from the coach and the program, and what makes the coaching program successful.
At the end of the discovery meeting, you decide whether the coach is a good match for you. If this is the case, you select the date and time to start your coaching program.
The coaching program flow

During the coaching program, you will work on your goals together with your coach.
The first week of this spring mental cleaning is a self-discovery week to identify toxins within you and/or your surroundings and assess their levels and sources.
With your coach's support, you will uncover your inner saboteurs that bring these feelings and area(s) of your life on which you want to focus on.
During the following 4 sessions, we will create an inner space for your growth and self-development.
We will look into your emotions, thinking patterns, behaviors, and habits and how you can integrate your inner sage and strengths.
We will create an appropriate plan of action and how to put it into practice and stay accountable.
Most of the sessions will be followed by reflection exercises and assignments.

The process will help you exalt your potential, find inspiration, navigate better through your life, develop a new routine or new job or hobby, and re-gain a sense of identity.
Final evaluation

During the last session, we will reflect on your mind and soul detox journey, summarize the learnings, check the progress, and create a plan on how to maintain a toxic-free life.
You will talk about what you have achieved, where you are now, and what you still want to tackle in the future. If necessary, you can schedule a follow-up call after a certain period of time to get together and talk about the progress.
Format: Online, one hour of coaching per week for 6 weeks within 2 months.
Price: The spring* price is 470 euro. The summer price is 910 euro.
*you can purchase the program for this price until 1st June 2021 and start at any time until 1st September 2021.


Virtuelle Sessions:
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