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Discovery Session -

1 session, 20h 00

Questions about the packages offered?

Wondering if we would be a good fit?

Curious as to how this program is different than all the other programs out there?

Let's talk about it.

Schedule your free 20 minute consult here!

90 Days to MASTER your 5K -

13 sessions, 1h 00 each

Are you a woman looking to start your running journey?

Have you ever looked at another person running & wished you could run, without feeling like you were going to die?!

Do you wish you could pick up a running habit to help shed those extra 15-20 pounds?

Have you always had a goal of crossing the finish line of a 5K (or half-marathon), but have no idea where to start?

Do you think you can't run because you don't have a "runner's body?"

Or, maybe you're feeling stuck with your current running plan.

Do you feel like you have been running at the same pace forever? And, you are not improving?

Are you running everyday but still not seeing your body transform the way you want?

Do the words Fartlek, Tempo, Interval and Race Pace make your head spin?

Screaming YES at your computer? Awesome! Keep reading for some GREAT news!

Introducing the "90 Days to MASTER your 5K" Program!

A 90 day program designed specifically for women looking to start, or MASTER, their running program!

A program that is focused not only on running, but also nutrition & cross training.

A COMPLETE program that will encompass all the KEY components of a STRONG runner!

A program designed to not only get you across the finish line, but ultimately, TRANSFORM your health & body!

And, for those who are ready, a program that will help you PR at your next race!

From Frustrated to Fierce -

13 sessions, 1h 00 each

A 90 Day total body and mind transformational program designed to help you break through your weight loss plateaus and finally see the results you are searching for.

If you are ready to make lifestyle changes that will create lasting results, this program is for you!

Let me personalize a plan that will work for you! ***This is a total transformation package. Everything is included: nutrition, exercise plan and behavioral change coaching.

Not sure if this package can work for you? Let's chat! Schedule a FREE 20 minute consult to discuss if this package is right for you!


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