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    RG Intake Session - Lebens-Coach, Karriere-Coach, Mentoring

    1 session, 1h 00

    I offer my first sessions with potential new clients, for free. This gives us both an opportunity to understand your needs and what we will address in the coaching program. In this session we agree on the road ahead, where after I will design an applicable program for you to effectively address what we have discussed.

    RG Development Program - Lebens-Coach, Karriere-Coach, Mentoring

    6 sessions, 1h 00 each

    A mentoring and coaching program to help you attain your objectives in life and career. We can center the program around self-development in specific areas; issues that you may be stuck on; coping with loss; improving parenting and any presenting matter that you need assistance with. My offering includes personal and career coaching. We will also touch on practical steps, setting you in motion to achieve your chosen objectives.

    RG Transformational Program - Lebens-Coach, Führungskräfte-Coach, Karriere-Coach, Gesundheits-Coach, Mentoring

    12 sessions, 1h 00 each

    For recurring clients who wish to invest in long-term coaching & mentoring; securing a regular time slot. This space allows deeper and transformational conversations to further assist you in attaining your objectives. Continuous focus on self-development and solid growth in the arenas of your personal and career life. For those who are ready to look introspectively on a deeper level and experience constant evolving along their life’s journey; this space will allow your experience to be maximised. Wider expansion of all areas, that colours in the richness of your path.


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    Bewertungen (6)


    Ronel clearly understood what my goals were for seeking her coaching help and she delivered on them for me. I am going to continue with additional sessions with her and would absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking personal and professional growth and advice.


    As someone in the medical field I was looking for a coach to help me move forward and tackle some of the issues that have been primarily holding me back in my training, but also significantly cross over to my everyday life. I appreciate the professional coaching by provided by Ronel because she has been able to effectively tackles both of these areas. She is that rare combination in individual of being both methodical and structured but also empathic and creative. There are three things that I really appreciated about her approach. First, she made a real effort to get to know me well, understand my personality and goals. But also explained her coaching viewpoint and philosophy with clarity peppered with great examples. Second, she listened to what things I struggle and the direction I would like to go overall. But she asked excellent questions from multiple angles to help me dive in deep and identify my underlying beliefs and perceptions and the immediate next steps I need to take towards my aims. Third, she provided exercises that are creative and highly tailored to not only the specific issues I'm tackling but also uniquely aligned with my values and interests. Overall, she is a great coach and I am delighted at what I have achieved so far with her, and where I’ll go from here!


    I have read a lot of books about personal development and Ronel knows exactly what she is talking about and she has the same knowledge like the books, in addition she knows more about the practical side of it.

    First I was a bit skeptical about if coaching would be something for me, but Ronel changed my mind quickly after I did the whole coaching program. I am looking forward for long term coaching from Ronel!