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    FREE Intake Session - Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching, Mentoring

    1 session, 0h 35

    This session is included with every package. This meeting is an opportunity for us to assess needs, articulate goals and objectives, investigate our interpersonal dynamic and align on a course of action. It can take place by phone or in-person.

    Spotlight on Impact: Public Speaking Individual Coaching - Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Mentoring

    4 sessions, 2h 00 each

    For individuals looking to increase their capacity to impact an audience when presenting, facilitating, pitching ideas or delivering speeches. The sessions will utilize your specific upcoming presentations or events or relevant scenarios that you can elect to improve your presence, communication and connection when speaking before a group. The methodology synthesizes both directive and non-directive coaching and may include: crafting a compelling presentation or pitch, building awareness of your personal presence, leveraging stories in business and improving expressiveness, congruency and intention when communicating.

    Spotlight on Emotional Intelligence: Individual Life or Leadership Coaching - Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Mentoring

    10 sessions, 1h 00 each

    For the individual looking to improve their interactions with other, leadership, personal achievement relationships. l This package utilizes non-directive coaching through Socratic questions and discussion, with additional exercises or spontaneous activities as needed to help guide you toward new understanding, insight and awareness. The focus here is to build capacity within each quadrant of the EQI Model.

    Spotlight on Coaching: Group Presentation Coaching - Leadership Coaching

    4 sessions, 2h 00 each

    For intact teams and project groups looking to improve their capacity to impact an audience on an upcoming presentation or pitch. The sessions will focus on helping each member of the group improve their presence, impact, expressiveness, group dynamic and style using directive and non-directive coaching. As we craft and fine tune your presentation from start to finish, we will cover: effective visual (PowerPoint) advisement, structuring a compelling presentation, building awareness of each member's personal presence, leveraging stories in business, crafting a compelling pitch, and improving expressiveness, congruency and intention in messaging.

    Meeting points

    Virtual sessions:
    • Zoom
    • FaceTime
    • Skype
    Face-to-face sessions:
    • Meets clients in a public place
    • Meets clients in an exact address
    Meeting notes/remarks

    I can meet in the NY-NJ region for in-person sessions. Travel reimbursement is included in my rates.

    Coaching speciality details

    I specialize in performance coaching and have long experience preparing individuals, teams and groups for high-profile presentations, important pitches, speeches and keynotes. I also work with leaders at all levels on being more effective, emotionally intelligent influential leaders. Sample engagements include coaching: • Public speaking, presence, communication coaching: Vice President of global Drug, Chemical Associated Technologies organization as speaker and celelbrity interview-host at international black-tie event • Keynote speaking, presence, business storytelling coaching: COO of global finance instituttion as host and keynote speaker at global high-stakes sales conference • Executive coaching: team management, media and public presence, negotiations and communication: Executive Director of Cultural Leadership Institute • Presentation, presence and influence coaching: Senior Directors from global healthcare-pharma organization speaking at national 2015 - 2016 TEDx conferences • Public speaking and media presence coaching: Master of Ceremonies - Event coordinator for national TEDx conference • Executive coaching (team management, relationship building, networking): Regional Director at high-profile national car rental company • Team public presenting, media communications, presence: Directors and VPs at global media, communications, automotive enterprise organization pitching to internal and external high-profile audiences • Executive leadership and communications coaching: Executive Director of Cultural Peace Advocacy Organization when presenting to public and media audiences • Emotional intelligence, realtionship building, effective management and presentation presence: mid-level executive in Middle Eastern technology firm , pitching a new business to external stakeholders • Team management, effective communication and career strategy: Technology Director for international digital solution marketing-branding firm

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    Time zone: Amsterdam

    About me

    About me

    Today we use a bounty of navigation resources to help us get from one place to another: GPS, Waze, Google Maps. Victor sees coaching as the human co-navigation process necessary to move ourselves from a current state to a desired outcome. He has helped a diverse roster of clients attain goals, improve performance and relationships and expand their capacity to lead the lives they most want. Like Waze, Victor creates a clear, well-defined atmosphere of safety, engagement and discovery with clients. Starting from a solid foundation of emotional intelligence, he guides behavioural change through an investigative journey of self-examination, self-directed action steps and intense endorsement. By infusing warmth and support into creative exploration with sound coaching theories, his clients experience self-trust, confidence and ultimate success.

    Coaching method / approach

    Building from a core of emotional intelligence and authenticity, Victor guides behavioural change and performance improvement. He guides clients gently through an investigative journey of self-examination, intentional practice, endorsement and mindful action steps. By infusing theories and practices from the worlds of theatrical improvisation, the arts, psychology and spirituality, his clients venture on a unique and playful journey to reach performance mastery.

    Notes / Remarks

    Fun-seeker, animal lover who enjoys the richness and excitement of travel and values the importance of home. Believes in the power of story, second only to the magic of laughter. Actor, saxophone player, graphic facilitator, certified coach. Verbs to live by: Love, create, connect, play, coach, consult, draw, laugh! Also… imagine, care, give, leap, trust, believe. Favorites: classic TV sitcoms, a quiet day with a good book, Mike Nichols films, The Little Prince, peanut butter, chocolate – Reeses - green, sunrises and Pit Bulls.


    Associate Certified Coach
    • Institute / Certifying body: International Coaches Federation
    • Date acquired: December 16, 2015

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