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  • Provides Invoice
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    Discovery Session - Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching

    1 session, 0h 30

    Initial intake and discovery session for us to meet and discuss elements of a potential coaching programme. This forms a 'get to know you' session for both of us to decide whether we'd like to work together in a partnership.

    Life coaching - Life Coaching, Full Potential, Habit Change, Relationships, Expat Life Coaching, Women Life Coaching

    4 sessions, 1h 00 each

    The time is right (or completely wrong!) to make a change in an aspect of your life and you'd like a partner to work with you to prepare for, cope with and thrive amid the change. Let me be that partner.

    We work together for 4 sessions to unlock hidden hindrances and figure out practical, applicable actions to take to ensure the change is sustainable and fruitful.

    Blocks to Steps. Obstacles to Opportunities - Life Coaching

    4 sessions, 1h 00 each

    You've hit a block in the road. An insurmountable obstacle. Don't know which way to turn, or what to do next.

    Let me take a look at the obstacle with you, shine some light on the places which are in shadow to you. We'll find a foothold somewhere, and begin to climb over. Ultimately you'll end up standing atop that block, with views for miles around of all the opportunity awaiting you.
    Step up - I'm ready to begin discovering!

    Career Coaching - Career Coaching, Career Management, Women Career Coaching

    6 sessions, 1h 00 each

    Time for a change at work? Need guidance on how to make the next move? Want to ensure your work if fulfilling and meaningful?
    Over the course of 4 sessions we work together to establish what it is you want, what needs to happen to get you there and what the steps in between are.

    Leadership / Management Coaching - Leadership Coaching, Executive Presence, Authentic Leadership, Influence / Motivate, Women in Leadership, Leadership Communication

    6 sessions, 1h 00 each

    There's an aspect of your leadership or management style which could do with some tweaking, improvement, polishing. You'd like to be able to step into your authentic leadership way, do it with confidence and take your team with you. That's where I come in. Together we look at what is working, what could do with some work, and how to go about establishing yourself as the best you can be. We use accessible, interesting tools and insights, to facilitate inspiring shifts.

    Over the course of 6 sessions we amplify your influence and expand your awareness and impact.

    Meeting points

    Virtual sessions:
    • Zoom
    • Skype
    Face-to-face sessions:
    • Meets clients in a public place
    • Meets clients in an exact address
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    Coaching speciality details

    My client base predominantly includes individuals who are facing challenging circumstances, relationships and transitions (at work or personally). Life balance and time management tend to be recurrent themes, as are influencing others to get things done and navigating team or family dynamics and company politics. I enjoy coaching leaders with regards their influence on themselves, their teams and their organisations. Working with them to elevate their influence and impact for the better.

    About me

    About me

    I am a professional coach who believes that each of us has the power, capacity and ability to change our own lives for the better Thereby we are also able to improve the lives of others as well. Through becoming more fulfilled, content and considered, I have seen amazing changes take place in clients' lives. When they acknowledge their contribution, influence and power to change, their unlocked potential is unstoppable. I love working with personal awareness, influence (of leaders and managers) and figuring out how to work with time management to lead our most effective and fulfilling lives. I am based in South Africa - a true melting pot of diversity and continuous change and learning.

    Coaching method / approach

    I am a certified Integral coach, and use the Integral methodology at the core of my approach. I am also Enneagram trained and rely on this tool for client self-awareness and personal enquiry. We are all integrated human beings and I've learned that a limiting behaviour or belief which is highlighted in a work setting, is also prevalent outside of an individual's work life (and vice versa). Through working on a seemingly smaller issue to understand the bigger picture and wider impact, I enable clients to expand their lives and influence and thereby live with fulfillment and productivity.

    Notes / Remarks

    Using my gentle and creative, yet firm, approach, I work with clients to become aware of, acknowledge and ultimately amplify their influence, through thinking, feeling and behaving differently about those obstacles in life which are holding them back Since our influence is brought to life through our language, actions and where we apply our attention, I love working with communication, personal mastery and time management tools with clients. People often instantly fall in love with the simplicity, practical application and surprisingly fast and empowering results.


    Neurozone Certified Coach
    • Institute / Certifying body: Neurozone
    • Date acquired: November 8, 2017
    Coaching with the Ennegram
    • Institute / Certifying body: The Enneagram in Business
    • Date acquired: September 16, 2015
    Professional Integral Coach
    • Institute / Certifying body: New Ventures West
    • Date acquired: February 23, 2015

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