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    Zarautz, Spain

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    English, Spanish

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    Associate Certified Coach

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My Coaching

My coaching speciality

I join my clients on a journey to create a fulfilling life, a life of being at choice instead of depending on the circumstances around them, a life of living in the present and, connecting to what is real. As a result, my clients experience an evolution from reactivity to creativity, connecting to the vision of the life they want, understanding different perspectives in order to have a clear sight of the opportunities around them, having the courage to live the life they dream of, and the adaptability to live in the present. They surf the waves of possibility instead of resisting the waves of transformation. I work with those who want to achieve the highest version of themselves. Live the life they dream of and further. Connect to the leader inside them. Create their impact and legacy. Management is a science, leadership is an art. Find the leader in you and you will engage your people into moving mountains. My services include sustainable transformation, leadership development, team development, and executive coaching.


Discovery Session - For Individuals

1 session, 1h 30

In this first life-transforming session we will define the life you want and how you desire to live your life.

Being at choice is key for coaching. I expect you to choose me among others, we will get to know each other and you will understand if I'm the best coach for you. I will also understand if I'm the best coach to help you in your journey. I will also choose you, I choose the clients that inspire me.

Koach Special Welcome Package - For Individuals

8 sessions, 0h 55 each

A special price for a full coaching experience if it's your first time coaching.

I will join you on a journey to define a fulfilling life, help you understand the opportunities ahead of you, create a life of choice and a life living in the present moment.

What we will do in our sessions
We will define the life you want to live and how you desire to live.
We will work on the strategy to get there and understand the mindset and the behaviors you need to get there.
We will build the skills you need to get there and identify the new skills you will need.
We will find what gives you energy and what drains your energy.
We will explore the limiting beliefs and conflicting beliefs that stand in your way.
We will have fun.

Meeting points

Virtual sessions:
  • Skype
  • FaceTime
  • Zoom
  • Google Hangouts
Face-to-face sessions:
  • Meets clients in a public place
  • Meets clients in the exact address
Meeting notes/remarks


About Me

About myself & my experience

As a Life Surfer with 4 careers who has lived in more than 10 countries, I partner with you to create success through an elevated awareness of the waves of possibility around you.

My coaching method & approach

It is not easy to grow your business or advance in your professional life. Success means a lot of energy, drive, determination, hard work, vision, perseverance. It also means being prepared for when the opportunities arise. You will need luck and proper timing. My promise to you is the following. If you have it in you. If you want to go all the way. If you have a clear idea or want to create a clear idea of what you want to reach. If you want to give 100% in reaching your objective, then I will give you my 100% in achieving that goal. I have a gift to see the potential in people. I choose my clients, I know who I can help. I also expect you to choose me among others, I expect to be the one that resonates with you to join you in your journey. I see my relationship with my clients as a partnership. I’m with you for the long term. I don’t come in to tell you what you already know, I co-create the path with you and your people. You know more about your business than I do. I will give you the tools for finding a quest to be on, a cause that will inspire others, the resilience to keep going, the tools to enhance your vision, your understanding of your place in your ecosystem, and my whole network of people to help you in your mission.

Notes / Remarks

I used to live running towards happiness, continuously searching for it in the next country, the next job, the next person. I was also running away from a dark shadow that was chasing me. One day I stopped running and turned around to look at my chaser in the eye. That day I discovered it was the happiness I had been chasing for so long. I also used to follow someone else’s definition of success, I unconsciously lived for others, doing what they would consider successful, to get their applause. I studied law because it was what was expected from me. Later on in the corporate world, I looked for promotion because managing more people was what was expected from growing your career. Both made me completely unhappy. Since then I have learned to create my own definition of success. This makes me smile every morning. For a long time I believed that I had to play cool and not let my weaknesses be seen. To do so I created an avatar I performed from to interact and be liked. I realized later that the exact thing I did to be liked was pushing me away from people because I was lacking authenticity. Now I try, and I fail every day, to be the most authentic version of myself. This has allowed me to have deeper and meaningful connections. I also used to believe you have to be tough and weather the bad times. I ended up getting hijacked by weathering the storm and I disconnected from my emotions and feelings. This didn’t only disconnect me from the negative emotions, it also disconnected me from the positive emotions. It gave me blind spots that were emotionless areas of my life. Resisting emotions made them persist. Now I’m on a journey to accept my emotions. I have discovered I’m more sensitive than I wanted to believe I was. I have also discovered that this allows me to feel others more and be more empathetic.

My Qualifications

Certified in the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP)
  • Institute / Certifying body: The Leadership Circle
  • Date acquired: April 16, 2021
Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Institute / Certifying body: International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Date acquired: December 17, 2020
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
  • Institute / Certifying body: Co-Active Training Institute
  • Date acquired: November 11, 2019

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