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    Associate Certified Coach

Alle wichtigen sicheren Kreditkarten werden akzeptiert. Du wirst nicht belastet, wenn der Coach die Buchung nicht bestätigt. Der Betrag wird erst dann vollständig an den Coach überwiesen, wenn alle Sitzungen erfolgreich durchgeführt wurden. Deine Zahlungsdaten werden niemals auf unserer Plattform gespeichert.


Details der Coaching-Fachgebiete

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Free Trial Session - Für Einzelpersonen, Führungskräfte-Coaching

1 session, 0h 30

The aim of this free 30 minute free session is to see if there is chemistry between us. If you believe that we are a good match, we will discuss which coaching package is the most valuable for you. If not, we say our goodbyes for now and no fee is charged. Let's give this a chance - book one of my Free Friday sessions!

Coaching for Personal Development - Für Einzelpersonen

5 sessions, 1h 30 each

Is there something you are struggling with right now? Do you have a clear vision of where and who you would like to be? Are you fully aware of your strengths and areas that you would benefit from developing? During our coaching process things will become clearer, you will have insights and become more confident. We focus on adopting a growth mindset and explore your strategies for learning and developing. I am mostly available for coaching on Mondays.

Leadership Coaching/Training - Führungskräfte-Coaching

5 sessions, 1h 30 each

As I am both a Leadership Trainer and a Coach, you decide whether your needs are strictly coaching, training or a mix of both. What kind of feedback do you get? Are you aware of your strengths and areas that need to be developed? Are your goals for your leadership set and clear? How does your leadership style match your employees and the culture you are working in? During our coaching process things will become clearer, you will become more confident and your life as a leader will be easier. I am mostly available for coaching on Mondays.

Value-based coaching - Für Einzelpersonen, Führungskräfte-Coaching

5 sessions, 2h 30 each

By using the tool Value.Online you get the opportunity to explore your personal values, where they come from, which are your top prioritized values at this moment in life and how can you live and act more through them. The outcome is often that you become more clear about who you are and where you come from, confident to communicate who you are and your values to yourself and others, which make other people perceive you as more credible. A fantastic basis for trust and trusting relationships in life in general and at work in particular. Duration of sessions 1-3 are 2,5 hrs, sessions 4-5 are 1,5 hrs so let's fix a schedule that is suitable for us both. I am mostly available for coaching on Mondays, but flexible for sure.


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Über mich

Über mich

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