• Lebens-Coach
  • Volles Potenzial
  • Situation / Ziele erreichen
  • Gewohnheiten ändern
  • Beziehungen
  • Veränderungs-Management
  • Burn-Out Coaching
  • Ängste überwinden
  • Gesund leben
  • Positive Psychologie
  • Expat-Leben Coaching
  • Lebens-Coaching für Frauen
  • Führungskräfte-Coach
  • Authentischer Führungsstil
  • Auftreten von Führungskräften verbessern
  • Führungsstil durch Coaching
  • Beeinflussen / Motivieren
  • Managing aufwärts
  • Frauen in Führungspositionen
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Alle wichtigen sicheren Kreditkarten werden akzeptiert. Du wirst nicht belastet, wenn der Coach die Buchung nicht bestätigt. Der Betrag wird erst dann vollständig an den Coach überwiesen, wenn alle Sitzungen erfolgreich durchgeführt wurden. Deine Zahlungsdaten werden niemals auf unserer Plattform gespeichert.


ICF Certification
  • Professional Certified Coach
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  • Meeting-Typ
    • Face-to-Face
    • Virtuell


    Discovery Session - Lebens-Coach, Führungskräfte-Coach, Auftreten von Führungskräften verbessern, Authentischer Führungsstil, Führungsstil durch Coaching, Beeinflussen / Motivieren, Managing aufwärts, Frauen in Führungspositionen

    1 session, 0h 45

    This is our initial meet and greet session to ensure we are a good fit for coaching as client and coach. You will learn more about what coaching is, how it works, what to expect, the coaching packages and even experience some real-time coaching on an area of your choice. I'll gain a better understanding of what you're looking for and how I might work with you best.

    BURST - Freestyle Coaching Program - Lebens-Coach

    12 sessions, 0h 40 each

    An intense program incorporating weekly sessions with focussed attention upon 1 or 2 key goal areas. Ideal for anyone who has experienced coaching previously or if new to coaching, is clear on their primary areas of focus.

    ** Program must be prefaced with a Discovery Session **
    Further program information will be discussed in this meeting.

    PACER - Freestyle Coaching Program - Lebens-Coach

    15 sessions, 0h 40 each

    A coaching program incorporating break weeks (weeks off) - towards pacing the learning and progress of the coaching journey. Ideal if you are new to coaching and/or you feel unclear about where you'd like to begin.

    ** Program must be prefaced with a Discovery Session **
    Further program information will be discussed in this meeting.

    Leadership/Executive Coaching Program - Führungskräfte-Coach

    18 sessions, 0h 50 each

    This is a professional development program for managers, executives and leaders who are looking to step up and into their leadership with real clarity, purpose and ownership. Sessions are spread across a 6 month term. Program includes a formal leadership/work behaviour assessment.

    ** Program must be prefaced with a Discovery Session **
    Further program information will be discussed in this meeting.


    Virtuelle Sessions:
    • Zoom


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    Professional Certified Coach
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