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  • Professional Certified Coach
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    Discovery Chemistry Session - Lebens-Coach, Führungskräfte-Coach, Karriere-Coach

    1 session, 0h 45

    Complimentary session to gain an understanding of transformational coaching and how it can help you to change your life.

    This is an opportunity for you to experience firsthand how coaching works, learn the value and return on investment coaching can have.

    Career Ambitions – Coaching Pack - Karriere-Coach

    3 sessions, 0h 45 each

    Tailored specifically for those who are starting out on their initial career journey and who seek an initial goals and career plan framework in order to motivate and drive their ambitions within the initial three-year career cycle.

    Your coach will help you to:

    Develop an effective strategy to plan your career

    Discover your key motivations, strengths

    Find your purpose and gain a clear sense of direction to find a fulfilling career

    Recognise your potential and build self-confidence

    Identify any skills, knowledge of behavioural gaps that could be standing in your way and develop strategies to close that gap

    Identify the right role / career path for you

    Learn how to create your individual development plan

    3 x 45 min sessions = EUR350
    1 x 45 min session = EUR 125

    Career Care Coaching Package - Karriere-Coach

    6 sessions, 1h 00 each

    Tailored towards supporting individuals who are looking to elevate confidence, communication and impact inside current roles and lead towards gaining greater understanding of their skills, strengths and options within their current working environment.

    Improve your career progression with your current organization.

    Overcome a feeling of being “stuck” career-wise
    Increase your level of self-confidence, commitment and accountability.

    Position yourself for future opportunities.

    Proactively manage career.​

    Realign your working life and personal priorities.

    6 x 60 minute coaching sessions (can take place weekly or bi-weekly but must be used within 3 months) – AED4,000/ USD1090 / EUR995

    Individual coaching 60-minute session – AED750 / USD205 / EUR 185

    Transformative - Transition Management Coaching Package - Lebens-Coach

    6 sessions, 1h 00 each

    Unleash Your Inner Potential, Develop Resilience, Elevate Your Status.

    Do you experience anxiety, self-doubt, fear of change, lack of self-confidence, imposter syndrome?

    Are you feeling stuck in your job, bypassed for promotions, being held back by your own self-limiting beliefs or perceptions?

    Do you find it difficult to network, to advocate for yourself, for your team, to shine light upon and take credit for your achievements to both managers and senior staff?

    If so our transformative coaching approach and packages can help by

    creating a mindset shift – moving past negative self-image, allowing you to let go of self-doubt, fears, perfectionism, imposter syndrome and learning to positively embrace your strengths and values;

    creating and learning strategies to manage emotions, reactions and self-limiting beliefs;learning how to use your strengths and take risks

    creating, setting and achieving personal and professional goals

    building self-confidence and feelings of self-worth

    learning to manage stress, build resilience and embrace change

    recognize your potential and build self-confidence

    Individual 60-minute session – AED1,000 / USD273 / EUR250
    Individual 90-minute session – AED1,500 / USD410 / EUR 375

    6 x 60 minute coaching sessions (can take place weekly or bi-weekly but must be used within 3 months) – AED4,775/ USD1300 / EUR1190

    Individual coaching 60-minute session – AED900 / USD245 / EUR225
    Inter session support (by call, email, whatsapp – 30 minutes)

    Career Transitions Coaching Pack - Karriere-Coach

    6 sessions, 1h 00 each

    Tailored for individuals who have left employment and are seeking a new road and career pathway, or those that are stuck in a job or career that is no longer fulfilling for them.

    Geared towards individuals seeking to answer the following questions:

    Do you want to make a career change but don’t know how, where to start or even what to do?

    Are you stuck in a job where you are not getting promoted, feeling under-valued or not recognized?

    Do you want to gain a clear sense of direction, develop your confidence and skills and see more success in your career?

    This coaching programme will help you to;

    Explore your career options

    Change your career direction

    Identify your passion, purpose, motivators to help you identify the right role / career path for you

    Figure out how to transition to a new career

    Clarify if you do need to change career or if there are other factors to be considered

    Explore the feasibility of other career options

    Develop a career plan and strategy

    Help you transition in a new role

    6 x 60 minute coaching sessions (can take place weekly or bi-weekly but must be used within 3 months) – AED4,775/ USD1300 / EUR1190

    Individual coaching 60-minute session – AED900 / USD245 / EUR225

    Leadership Coaching Package - Führungskräfte-Coach

    6 sessions, 1h 00 each

    Transform Yourself and Develop Your Leadership Presence

    Do you want to become an effective leader who can easily inspire and motivate others?

    Do you want experience increased confidence in making critical decisions and have increased certainty in your capabilities?

    Do you want to become more self-aware, to understand what beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and perspectives may be holding you back from achieving your goals?

    Do you want to develop skills such as conflict management communication, persuasion, delegation and presentation skills?

    Do you want to feel supported by someone who can offer empathy, encouragement, and help reduce the feelings of isolation that can come with leadership roles?

    The leadership coaching programme is designed to help both new and experienced managers develop and enhance their leadership, strategic, operational, communication and people skills as they transition upwards in their career to more senior positions.

    As each individual had different strengths, challenges and organizational dynamics to contend with, the transformational coaching approach ensures a tailored individual approach that leverages individuals strengths, overcome obstacles and co-creates strategies to improve impact and leadership presence.

    This programme will help the individual leader and / or manager to:

    Build self-confidence

    Have increased comfort and confidence in leading

    Break-through obstacles and self-limiting beliefs

    Express their voice with self-assuredness

    Overcome self—doubt

    Engage and mobilize their teams

    Set clear performance objectives for themselves and others

    Manage stress & anxiety and build resilience

    Develop abilities to lead up, down and across the organization

    Learn how to give and receive effective feedback

    Develop self-awareness and knowledge of strengths and weaknesses

    Reduce poor decision making, disengagement, conflict and turnover – Increase productivity, engagement, satisfaction, retention and goal attainment

    Individual 60-minute session – AED1,000 / USD273
    Individual 90-minute session – AED1,500 / USD410

    3-month – AED5,875 / USD1,600 / EUR1465
    6 x bi-weekly sessions 60 minutes
    Inter session support (by call, email, whatsapp – 30 minutes)


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