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Details der Coaching-Fachgebiete

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Complimentary Chemistry Session - Für Einzelpersonen, Führungskräfte-Coaching, Karriere und Arbeitssuche

1 session, 0h 30

If you are serious about hiring a coach, then this session will offer you the opportunity to meet with me, prior to making your final decision. Coaching is all about the relationship, so it is key that you feel comfortable with me and that you believe that I can understand you, your context, and any current challenges that you face.

It also provides you with the chance to ask me any upfront questions.

Life changes-For private individuals - Für Einzelpersonen, Karriere und Arbeitssuche

6 sessions, 1h 00 each

If you know that something is not working well for you and you need to gain clarity, make big decisions, and reach more peace of mind, then this package is for you!

Whether this is around relationships, sexuality, career, health, parenting, or the like, then reach out and gain an accountability partner. I will both support and stretch you to get out of your comfort zone, follow your authentic path, and turn ideas into action.

Peak Performance Coaching-For private individuals - Für Einzelpersonen, Führungskräfte-Coaching, Karriere und Arbeitssuche

6 sessions, 1h 00 each

If you struggle to juggle everything that is on your plate, then this package is for you.

Beat overwhelm, procrastination, fatigue, lack of motivation, and poor work-life balance. Find new ways to optimise your energy, focus, resilience and productivity. Perhaps even look to change roles or careers if you sense that this may not be it!

Become the best version of yourself and show up in a way that makes you proud!

Leadership Development Coaching- For private individuals - Führungskräfte-Coaching

10 sessions, 1h 00 each

For any current leaders or leaders to be!

If you are wishing to apply for a promotion, have transitioned into a leadership role, or are a seasoned leader, then this package will support and stretch you; to leverage your strengths, close any gaps and refine your skills to become the kind of leader that you aspire to.

Whether it be building confidence, beating self-doubt, creating a more effective work-life balance, refining your emotional intelligence, working on your influence or interpersonal skills, or leading in an authentic manner, you will gain a 'thinking partner' who will enable you to expand your perspectives and surface your freshest thinking, in order for you to show up with more passion, presence and purpose.

Leadership Coaching- For Corporates - Führungskräfte-Coaching, Karriere und Arbeitssuche

10 sessions, 1h 30 each

For companies who wish to-
1) Retain their talent,
2) Grow managers into leaders,
3) Support leaders to transition into new roles.

This coaching intervention will provide a thinking partnership, to help employees to accelerate results; such as refining personal brand, overcoming obstacles, building confidence, influence, interpersonal effectiveness, harvesting creativity, refining emotional intelligence, as well as finding work-life wellbeing.


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